Cucumber fluid is not Sclerotinia

Increased humidity in the winter shed, coupled with the recent fog weather, many shed indoor ventilation is not timely, resulting in the spread of sclerotium indoor shed, then what kind of Sclerotinia? Many vegetable farmers believe that when the melon strips or vines appear to flow, they think that they are sclerotinia, and quickly use stencil nets for prevention and control. Actually, this is a wrong understanding because it may be caused by other pathogens. The spraying of sclerotia not only can not prevent and control the disease, but will cause damage to the plants. Sclerotia net is a very strong fungicide. If it is not used, the main symptoms are as follows: The mouth melon), the leaves appear dry edges or veins yellow spots. What is Sclerotinia? From the sclerotia, the sclerotia is the growth of white cotton wool-like hyphae on cucumber plants, or the occurrence of gray mold in the early stages, and the development of brown murine fecal matter in the disease stage. This is a typical symptom. It usually occurs at the base of rotted stalks, so the common melon strips or vinegars in production are not Sclerotinia.

What exactly happened? There are many diseases that can cause the flow of gum to cucumbers. Fusarium wilt, anthracnose, blight, and scab can all cause melon strips or sap upflow. The symptoms of these diseases are similar and can be distinguished in this way. : Fusarium wilt in general is only on the stem vines; the actual occurrence of scabs is less, and when the scabs occur, dark green spots appear on the melons, and the diseased part is sore. Anthracnose and blight disease appear on the melon strips or stems. The symptoms of leaf blight on the leaves are: round or inward V-shaped light brown spots from the margins of the leaves, easily broken in later stages, and black spots on the lesions. In addition, if the melon strips are subject to traumatic injury, it will also cause fluid flow. This is a self-regulating method of cucumbers.

How to prevent the flow of cucumber? The following methods can be used: 1. Reduce greenhouse moisture: When watering, use small water for pouring, and select sunny watering at noon. In cloudy days, use aerosols to prevent various diseases and avoid increasing air humidity. 2 can be applied Shi Bao Gong, collateral ammonia and other agents control. Since the melon strips may also be accompanied by cucumber rot or gray mold, they should be supplemented with a drug such as Botryphine or Velosilon to prevent the melon from getting infected again. The key to preventing and controlling this kind of disease is controlling the humidity of the air. Especially in the recent period of time, the city will have continuous cloudy weather. The cucumbers in the protected areas should pay attention to strengthening the ventilation on the basis of maintaining the temperature in the shed. China Economic Net

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