Winter foam box vegetable seed germination method

In winter, the use of foam boxes for seed germination, the budding rate can reach 90%.

Before germination, the seeds are soaked in fresh water. Different seeds have different soaking times. Generally, seeds such as gourd, gourd, and bitter gourd need to be soaked for 48 hours, and tomato seeds can be soaked for 24 hours. After the seeds are soaked, find a foam box. Spread a damp cloth on the bottom of the box. Spread the seeds on a damp cloth, cover the seeds with a damp cloth, and finally close the lid.

In winter, when the temperature is low, the foam temperature of the light cannot reach the temperature for seed germination, and a lamp is needed to raise the temperature.

specific method:

First make a small hole in the lid, and then connect the wire through the lid to a light bulb. The length and height of the foam box are generally 40 cm, and the lamp bulb is about 20 cm from the seed.

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