The Character and Control Measures of Cotton Aphid and Cotton Spider

Characteristics of damage: Cotton aphids are also called insects, breeding more than 20 generations a year, beginning with the fourth generation, and damaging cotton in May and August. It is mainly divided into the peak period from the end of May to the beginning of June in the peak period of the spring flooding and the peak of the damage from the mid-July to the first half of August. It appears on the stems, petioles and leaves of the young shoots of the cotton plant. Causes the young cotton plant parts to not develop normally. Cotton spider mites, also known as cotton leafhoppers, can reproduce for about 15 generations a year. The main damage period is between or between cotton spring and cotton seedlings. It appears on the back of the cotton leaf to suck juice and make the victim lose green. Red and lose photosynthetic energy.

Prevention and control measures: kill the spring eel and red spider, spray 1~3 times depending on the occurrence, add 5% imidacloprid 1000 times, 20% triclosan to 1000 times, etc. Parts. Kill Fuxi and cotton red spider, depending on the occurrence of the application of 2 to 3 times, plus 40% of omethoate into 1000 times, 20% of triclosan into 800 times, etc. to make a mixed liquid or add 50% methylamine Phosphorus 1000 times, 20% fast ketone ketone 2000 times, etc. made into a mixture of liquid uniformly sprayed insect sites.

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