New technology to treat neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage

Release date: 2007-07-03

New technology for the treatment of neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage Mechanical ventilation, lower hemostasis, intratracheal infusion for the treatment of neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage successfully treated more than 50 a year, the Third Military Medical University Daping Hospital pediatric new technology received significant results. This technical academic article was published in the Swiss international authoritative paediatric journal BiologyoftheNeonate. Professor Shi Yuan, the director of the department, said that with the development of neonatal medicine, the incidence and mortality of many important diseases that threaten newborns are significantly reduced. However, neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage remains the main critical disease in the neonatal period. The cause of death, although the reported incidence rate only accounts for 1% - 5 活 of live births, but its mortality rate is as high as 40% - 50%. In particular, the autopsy rate was 40%-84%, which also suggested that the prevalence and severity of pulmonary hemorrhage exceeded the clinical observation and prediction in critically ill newborns. At present, regarding its pathogenesis and treatment methods, it is a worldwide problem. Many domestic pediatric institutions have carried out many valuable research, but it is rarely reported internationally. The pediatrics of Daping Hospital carried out the innovation and research of pulmonary hemorrhage in this context. Through more than one year of painstaking research by medical staff, the new technology of injecting mechanical ventilation into the trachea into the treatment of neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage was successfully applied to the clinic. It is understood that in view of the fact that neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage threatens the life of newborns, pediatrics first intubates the trachea and applies ventilator treatment. On this basis, it repeatedly improves the use of hemostasis from the trachea. Pulmonary hemorrhage symptoms reduce the mortality rate. ——Midi Medical Network

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