American studies show that excessive exercise may accelerate heart failure

Release date: 2007-10-09

American studies have shown that excessive exercise may accelerate heart failure. As we all know, exercise can help prevent high blood pressure and heart disease. But the latest research shows that exercise can be too much, and may accelerate heart failure. Dr. Rebecca Schultz of the University of South Dakota and his colleagues published the results of the experiment in the journal Hypertension. In the experiment, they found that the rats that often slammed on the runners had a tendency to exercise excessively. After a while, the hearts of these mice were abnormal and the pumping function was weakened. Compared with rats with less exercise, the rate of heart failure in patients with high blood pressure and hyperactivity was significantly accelerated. Some medical experts in the United States commented that the results of this study "should cause our attention." Strenuous exercise may cause harm to people with high blood pressure but untreated. ——Midi Medical Network

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