Betta fish feeding

When you start to raise bettas from larvae, it is not difficult to raise bettas. The rearing of larvae is one of the most studied levels in the cultivation of betta fish. There are usually the following processes:
1. Betta breeding Because of the use of moss water, breeding plants contain aquatic plants such as water hyacinth, so a few species of dipterodactyls are usually grown in the aquarium. These natural organisms are good food for small bettas.

2. When the small betta began to swim, it began to hunt for things. The foods of those activities particularly attracted their interest.

3, when the small betta fish began to feed, it is best to feed the egg flour cake made by mixing eggs and flour, scrape into the crumbs to feed, the effect is better; or fed the cooked egg yolk, the protein is very rich, but Pay attention to proper amount, otherwise the water quality will easily deteriorate.

4. When the young Betta are 1 month old, they can be induced to prey on red worms.

5. During this time, 30% of the water in the tank must be replaced. Take special care when changing the water. The new water added must be cleaned.

6. The water level in the cylinder can now be gradually increased (once a week) to increase the water space and facilitate the activity of fighting fish.

7. Filtering equipment may also be added during this period to keep the water clean.

8. After the betta grows up, it can be fed into a large tank and frequently change water and ground feeding.

9, when the betta grows to 2 months of age, gradually can be separated from the male and female, you can begin to pick the male and female.

Here, the main point and purpose of the project is that good water quality and good feeds will produce good fighting fish. These two conditions are crucial for the cultivation of tropical fish.

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