Five Tips to Increase Maize Yield

How can we cultivate corn to increase production? There are five main tips as follows:

First, to the leaves When the corn seedlings grow to five leaves, use a blade to cut all the plants above the first leaf, and remove the first leaf by hand. Because at this time the growth point of the corn seedlings is still below the soil surface, so the next day after the leaves are removed, the plants will grow new leaves. After picking the leaves, the corn has a thicker, longer, and less sharper than the stems without leaves, which can increase production by 30%.

Second, the folding tip in the whole field of corn silk in the middle and late period, in the absence of knot rod spinning plant between the first 2nd and 3rd leaves hand folded into a folded angle, but can not be broken, after folding 4-5 days Rods and rods, broken stem segments can be restored to their original state within 2-4 days. Through practice, this method can reduce the empty stalk rate of maize from 15% to 40% to 2% to 5%, and increase the average yield per mu by 15 to 25 kg.

3. Seedlings are seedlings after maize is set to be seedlings before the tassel differentiation before the jointing. The specific approach is: in the corn seedling stage at the end of a good situation, to take control of irrigation, a number of cultivators, roots sun measures to promote the root system to the depths of the cluster development, and control the growth of leggy, so that the base of maize seedlings stout, there are It is conducive to drought and lodging. Seedling indicators should grasp the leaf curling on sunny days at noon, and the leaves should be dark green, and the leaves should resume stretching in the afternoon or the evening. The next morning, the tips of the leaves have water droplets, but no watering; if the leaves do not stretch in the afternoon to the next morning, the tips Also without water, the seedlings should be ended and the soil moisture should be controlled at more than 50% of the field capacity.

Through the seedlings of corn plants, the stems are thick, with many roots, deep into the soil, rapid growth after jointing, short internodes at the base, more aerial roots, early ear emergence, large ear, low ear, less bald tip, and more grains. ,High Yield.

However, corn seedlings must be adapted to local conditions, and the seedlings must be kept for a short period of time. They will not achieve the effect of seedlings. Too long seedlings, serious water control, and aging seedlings will also cause adverse consequences. Should master the small, the old, the strong (the ground is high), the lean (the ground is thin), the black (the green color), the yellow (the yellow color is weak), and the wet (the foot) is not Do not receive good results.

Fourth, emasculation in the corn tassels has not yet loose powder, artificially removed by a certain percentage of the tassels of plants, corn emasculation is a simple and easy increase in production measures. After detasseling, the nutrient consumption of the plant was reduced, and the nutrient for flowering of the tassel was transferred to the ear, and the corn borer could be concurrently treated. The method is: Every morning when corn enters the tassels, the newly drawn tassels are pulled out. The ratio of emasculation can be emasculated by interlacing, or can be divided into 2 lines to 1 line, and the same line can also be used to emasculate the septal line. No matter what proportion of emasculation is used, the number of field plants should not exceed 30%-50%. A few lines should not be emasculated so as not to affect pollination.

Fifth, artificial pollination of pollinated corn can meet the fertilization of the ear at the top of the ear, overcome the influence of unfavorable factors, reduce baldness, lack of grain, and achieve full grain filling. The rate of increase is between 8% and 10%. The specific method is: When the flowering and silking period of corn, at 9-11 am, use a long rope to pull pollination, or do a T-foot, walking in the field touch the tassel, make loose powder, ensure Late flowering pollination. It can be carried out once every other day. In the late flowering period, it can be used once a day for 3-4 times to satisfy pollination requirements. In the tasseling, flowering promptly remove the field of empty plants, can increase the light intensity, reduce the shelter and moisture, nutrient consumption, is conducive to increase the weight.

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