New implants in the United States can repair damaged hearing in animals

Release date: 2007-08-15

New implants in the United States can repair damaged hearing in animals. The hearing and balance sensor of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute successfully tested an electronic device in the animal that partially repairs the damaged hearing and balance of the animal.
Charles Della Santina, MD, director of the vestibular neuroengineering laboratory at the Hopkins Medical Institute, has been working on multi-channel vestibular repair since 2002. He said: "This proof of concept proves that Multi-channel vestibular repair, we can repair the three-dimensional balance of the brain. Everyone knows that people have five senses, namely, vision, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Few people know a potential sixth sense, that is, there is a Obligatory orientation and sense of movement until they have problems with the balance system, they realize the existence of the sixth sense.” By applying electrical stimulation to the cochlear nerve, the cochlear implant can help restore hearing. Researchers have adapted the design of cochlear implants by designing a circuit that connects multiple electrodes to the vestibular nerve, which measures three-dimensional information and transmits this information to the brain.
30,000 people in the United States are losing their inner ear balance. Although the so-called multi-channel vestibular prosthesis takes several years to test in the human body, scientists claim that this inner ear implant device can help patients. These people often feel physically unstable, unbalanced or visually swaying. The problem of vestibular balance may be congenital or caused by improper use of antibiotics, or it may be caused by Meniere's disease, viral infection, severe blows or head injuries. ——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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