Tractor job attention

1. Selecting suitable lubricants In the northern regions, 11# diesel engine oil can be generally used, while in the south, 14# diesel engine oil can be generally used to ensure lubrication and reduce mechanical wear.
2. Timely change the location of the lubricant radiator reversing valve When the tractor enters the summer operation, the lubricant radiator reversing valve should be turned to the position where the oil passage to the radiator opens, so that the lubricant can dissipate heat. Maintain the normal temperature of the lubricant to avoid overheating the body.
3. Often add soft water to the water tank Because the summer locomotive warms up quickly, the water tank is easy to “open the pot”, the water evaporates more, and the water tank is more prone to generate scale. Therefore, cold soft water is often added to the water tank. Every time you add cold water to the water tank, you should run it at low speed and low throttle for a period of time. After the water temperature drops, add it again. Do not add it immediately when you “open the pot” to prevent sudden heat and sudden heat. The engine will generate stress and burst.
4. To avoid prolonged continuous operation If it takes a long time continuous operation, should stop once every other period, check the tire temperature and water temperature, oil temperature, machine temperature, etc. If the temperature is too high, should wait for the temperature to drop, and then continue to work.
5. Strengthen the maintenance of the tires In the summer, do not park the tractor in the sun for long periods of time to prevent the tire from overheating and explode. To inflate the tire, keep the pressure within the specified range and not exceed the standard pressure to prevent the tire from exploding during operation. When working for a long time, when the temperature of the tire is found to be too high, it is necessary to immediately park the car in a cool place to allow it to dissipate heat slowly. Avoid splashing the tires with cold water, so as to avoid uneven cracking of various parts of the tire and cracks, or treads and lines. The layer peeled and damaged.
6. To avoid the battery in the sun exposure because the electrolyte temperature is too high, the plate is prone to warping deformation, the active material off, the wood separator damaged.


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