Taro suitable for planting seedlings

Generally, there are 600-700 plants per acre planted in Xiangxi farmland, and the appropriate planting capacity can reach 1200-1400 plants per acre. In this way, the land utilization ratio can be increased; secondly, the grass can be pressed densely to increase the utilization rate of fertilizers; thirdly, light can be adjusted to ensure that the plants can stand upright; and fourth, pruning can be used to reduce the ineffective consumption and promote the growth of the apex.

First, carry out secondary transplantation. For proper planting of seedlings, secondary transplant should be carried out. The first time the main root of the seedlings is transplanted to the nursery at the second year, more than 5000 seedlings per mu, and the second time in the nursery at the second year, the transplanting seedlings are kept at the base of 2-3. The shoots were all cut off and transplanted to the nursery for sale. 1400 strains were planted per mu.

Through the secondary transplantation, the plants can promote dense root formation, ensure that the sales of seedlings with more mud, resistant to transport, the survival rate of more than 99% (4% to 9% more than conventional seedlings, increased by about 15% than straight seedlings). Adopting methods to go big, stay small, and market in batches will not only benefit sales, but also adjust the light between plants and speed up the increase of stalks.

Second, a reasonable plan for fertilizer. The citrons are afraid of drought and are afraid of crickets. Under the condition of long-term accumulation of water in the fields, they are likely to cause rot and even death. Therefore, after the rain, they should be protected against waterlogging and dredging should be carried out in dry years. In accordance with the surface application of chemical fertilizers, fertilizer thin fertilization, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer application of fertilization principles of fertilization, the general fertilization 3-4 times a year, each application of compound fertilizer, urea, each 50 kg.

Third, timely prevention and pest control. The pests are generally treated twice a year, the first time in early July, the control of bag moths, and the second time in mid-to-late September, to control the moths. During the prevention and treatment, 0.5 kg of trichlorfon per acre was used to spray water. In winter, pruning removes insect pests from diseased egg masses and diseased plants to ensure normal plant growth in the coming year.

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