Responding to EU REACH pre-registration is key

Release date: 2007-06-29

Responding to EU REACH pre-registration is key ------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
The Chemical Registration, Evaluation, Licensing and Restriction System (REACH) adopted by the European Union has entered into force on June 1 this year and will be officially implemented on June 1, 2008.
According to REACH, the EU will include 30,000 chemicals in the market with more than 1 ton of sales and downstream textile, light industry, pharmaceutical, electromechanical and other products into the REACH monitoring system.
It is reported that the EU cannot provide all the catalogues of substances that must be registered. It is up to the enterprise to decide whether it is necessary to produce a certain substance and how much substance to produce. Therefore, companies that register the same substance can pre-register to realize data and data sharing and discuss Obtain experimental solutions and expenditure sharing plans for missing information to effectively reduce costs.
According to REACH, pre-registration can be produced or imported within the specified period of registration, unless the registration is rejected. Professor Zhang Lijuan from the School of Chemical Engineering and Energy of South China University of Technology pointed out that at present, the registration data required for the sales of chemicals above 1 ton and below 10 tons is not complicated, and the validity period is 11 years, which can save a lot of expenses; More than ton need to provide detailed data.
In addition, it is worth noting that Chinese companies can obtain benefits by choosing “exclusive agents”. According to REACH, non-EU companies are free to choose “exclusive agents” or to be registered by importers. If you choose "exclusive agent", manufacturers can better control the registration process, avoiding the disclosure of sensitive information, and avoid being a downstream user. (Guangzhou Daily)

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