How to improve the problems in the autumn cut of apple trees

First, the time is not accurate, and it is contrary to the wishes of the apple tree's early trimming in the autumn, resulting in prosperous branches; trimming too late failed to slow down the growth of the apple tree, affecting the light, and wasting nutrients. Suggestions for Improvement: According to local conditions, topping and retraction time should be carried out after the autumn shoots stop growing to 30 days before the leaves fall. The branches can be continued from summer to autumn, as long as they are germinating branches at any time, germinating at any time, and can be removed at any time. Subject to time constraints, but the elimination of branches older than one year depends on the circumstances; “wearing a hat” must be carried out 25 days after the autumn tip is issued; the branch opening angle should be carried out after the autumn shoots basically stop growing. The main branch was the year.

Second, "wearing a hat" is too much. As long as it is an autumn cut, no matter what the species or type of shoots are, the branch shoots will be trimmed at the junction of spring and autumn shoots or at the intersection of the first and second year branches. The peripheral shoots of the entire tree are prosperous and prosperous. It is easy to form a "lion's head." Not only can it not slow down the growth of the apple tree, but it can cause prosperous growth. Suggestions for improvement: For the new shoots on Fuji apple, Golden Delicious and other apple auxiliary branches, use the "cap" trimming at the blind spot at the junction of spring and autumn tips, and you can also put branches on some prosperous perennials in one or two years. Junctions at the junction were "trimmed"; the Marshal was not suitable for "wearing a hat" trim. During the specific operations, the following points should be grasped: All the branches and large side branches of strong auxiliaries should be trimmed with “caps”, while those with weaker long branches and mean trees should be “wearing dead caps”. In addition, all types of backbone sticks and extension heads are generally not suitable for "cap" trimming.

3. When the light branches are too light and the light path does not pass through the autumn branches, only the branches of the internal warts and the sprouting branches at the big sawn cuts are eliminated. The other branches are not treated with thinning and retracting methods, resulting in canopy closure. Poor, not conducive to flowering and late apple coloring. Suggestions for improvement: In mid-September, the ineffective branches, overlapping branches, cross branches, leggy branches, and competitive branches of internal hemorrhoids should be removed and retracted. The focus should be on cleaning up internal litchi and annual branches, and the amount of pruning should not be too great. Twenty days prior to the harvest of the apple, the overlying branches, mop skirts, and periphygetate branches in the upper part of the tree should be retracted or removed with leaves according to the situation. The diameter of the trimming and retracting cuts should not exceed 3 cm.

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