Non-polluting honeysuckle harvesting processing

Honeysuckle is a honeysuckle, honeysuckle, perennial, semi-evergreen woody vine, alias Erhua, double flowers, etc., is China's precious Chinese herbal medicine. Because of its obvious effects of detoxification and detoxification, and its role in lowering blood pressure and delaying senility, it has been hailed as antibiotics for Chinese medicine and elixir of immortality. The production and development of honeysuckle has also begun to attract more and more attention. Honeysuckle harvesting and processing are the last two “processes” in the production process and are the last guarantee of “high-yield, high-efficiency, quality, and safety”. In recent years, the Agricultural Bureau of Fengqiu County, Henan Province, in order to improve the comprehensive benefits of honeysuckle, and to continuously improve and innovate traditional production methods and techniques, has created the best method for harvesting honeysuckle flowers and the “four-stage variable-temperature drying technology for barns”. The affirmation of the national authoritative department, and play a major role in production, the technology is introduced as follows:
First, the fine varieties of honeysuckle harvested, such as Fengqiu plush flower, chicken flower, etc., the spring planters can be flowered in the year, autumn and winter planters the next year, so after the honeysuckle planting, we must consider the bud harvesting and processing Question, prepare containers for harvesting buds and build buds for processing barns.
1. Law of development of honeysuckle buds Fengqiu plush flowers bloom four times a year in North China, and the first flower begins to sprout in mid-April and then gradually increases until the middle of May, the buds mature and begin to bloom, and at the end of May, 1 After the end of the flowering period, 1 flower is planted every 30 days, and the 4th flowering plant can be gradually opened until early October.
The single honeysuckle flower needs about 13-20 days from budding to opening, and it is longer in spring, with higher temperature in summer and autumn, with faster bud development and shorter development time. When the buds grow to 1/2 of their length, the development of the buds is accelerated. The color of the buds begins to change from green to white, and if they are not harvested in time, they must be opened.
2. Harvest time Honeysuckle from bud to open, wither, can be divided into the following periods: Mi Lei period, young bud period, Qing Lei period, Bai Lei early period (upper white lower green), Bai Lei period (up and down all White), silver flower period (early opening), golden flower period (open 1, 2d to before withering), withering period. Before the Qinglei period, less dry matter was harvested, the medicinal value was low, and the yield and quality were affected. After the silver flowering stage, the dry matter content was high, but the medicinal composition was high, but the yield was high but the quality was poor. Bai Lei pre-harvest and Bai Lei harvest, dry matter more, medicinal composition, yield, quality are high, but Bai Lei harvest is easy to miss the timing of harvest, therefore, the best harvest period is Bai Lei pre-, ie The masses claimed to have two white needles.
3. Harvesting method The best time for honeysuckle harvesting is: early morning and morning, when the harvesting buds are not easy to open, sufficient nutrition, strong smell and good color. Harvesting in the afternoon should end before the sun goes down, because the opening of the honeysuckle is constrained by the light, and the mature buds of the sun are left behind, affecting the quality. When harvesting, only mature buds and near mature buds should be adopted. Without buds or leaves, they should be placed in strips or baskets after harvesting. When they are collected, they should not be piled up in large piles. They should be spread out and placed. The time should not be too long. Do not exceed 4 hours.
Second, the initial processing of processed honeysuckle is to collect the fresh buds through a certain method, so that it becomes a dry bud. The main method is drying, drying, baking and so on. Drying and drying of flowers are not suitable for mass processing, and the quality is not stable, so they are gradually eliminated. The main application method of production is the open fire drying method. This method is not affected by the weather. Dry buds are of good quality and are commonly used by the masses. However, the disadvantage of the “open flame drying method” is that the pollution of sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances is serious. In recent years, agricultural technicians and farmers in Fengqiu County of Henan Province have jointly created a “four-stage variable-temperature drying technology for baking rooms” to reduce the harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide. The pollution has been achieved without pollution. The specific methods are as follows:
1. The construction of baking rooms and drying racks must first determine the size of the barns according to the size of the planting area. Generally about 4-5 square meters of baking room per 667 square meters of honeysuckle, baking room is generally a bungalow, there are two ways to build: (1) Single row grill type: the length of the barn room is determined according to the size of the honeysuckle, the width is 2-2.2m, the height is 2-2.5m, there is a window, the top has 2 vents, the drying rack is along the long side of the room Built on one side, 0.8m wide, 2-2.5m high, 0.8-1m high is the lowest floor, 1st floor is every 15-20cm upward, 6-10 floors in total; (2) Double-row grill style: barn The length is determined by the size of the honeysuckle, 2.5-3.2m wide and 2-2.5m high. There is a window or two windows. There are 2-3 vent holes at the top or near the room. No matter whether the single-row or double-row type, the inner wall of the barn is required to be smooth and airtight.
2. Placement of the stove In order to ensure the rapid drying and baking quality of the honeysuckle, there should be sufficient firepower in the barn. Generally, there should be one stove for every 2-3 square meters. The stove should be placed in the walkway, and the exhaust pipe should be installed on the stove. To avoid or reduce the pollution of honeysuckle by sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases.
3. Temperature control Start the drying when the temperature is controlled at 30-35 °C; after 2h the temperature is increased to about 40 °C; after 5-10h, the temperature is raised to 45-50 °C, maintain 10h; the final temperature is raised to 55-58 °C, the maximum must not exceed 60 °C, the total drying time is 24h. If the temperature is too high and the drying is too rapid, the buds will be black and the quality will be reduced. When the temperature is too low and the drying time is too long, the color is not fresh, yellowish-white, and it also affects the quality.
4. Operation method The dried buds are first sprinkled in a square bakeware made of bamboo, bamboo, and other materials. The lowest layer is placed and moved upwards for 2-4h. After moving to the upper layer, it is necessary to check whether it is dry. After reaching the drying standard, the storage was immediately accepted. The standard for drying is: sounding with a pinch, grinding, or breaking.
5. Precautions Regardless of whether it is scented or roasted, it must not be touched or turned by hand before the buds are dried. Otherwise, the buds will become dark, which will reduce the quality and affect the sales.

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