Tofu selection and preservation

Tofu can be said to be the protagonist of vegetarianism, and kelp is rich in iodine so that some people like to eat traditional plate tofu, and some people prefer the smoothness of boxed tofu. Regardless of which one you prefer, pay attention to the purchase and preservation of tofu. The color of tofu itself is slightly yellow, if the color is too white, there may be added bleach, it should not be purchased. In addition, tofu is a high-protein food that is easily corrupted. In particular, plate tofu sold in the free market is more susceptible to contamination than boxed tofu, and more attention should be paid to it.
Boxed tofu needs to be refrigerated, so it is necessary to go to a place with good refrigeration equipment. When boxed bean curd has a raised package, the tofu inside is turbid, blisters are large, and it is a defective product. Do not purchase it. Unpackaged tofu is very likely to spoil. After buying it home, it should be soaked in water immediately and put in refrigerator for re-use before cooking. Do not take more than 4 hours after removal to keep it fresh, preferably on the day of purchase. Boxed tofu is easier to store, but it must still be kept in the refrigerator to ensure that it will not spoil during the shelf life. If it cannot be consumed at one time, it can be cut and used according to the required amount, and the rest will be returned to the freezer for the convenience of the next meal. (Edit Li Riyao)

Conventional Goji Berries are tested by the Chinese Food Quality Supervision and Administration. Which are qualified by the Chinese market.

Conventional Goji Berries

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