Grain Bud Feeding Fish Benefits Highly

After germination and feeding fish, the grain has the advantages of wide raw materials, simple production, rich nutrition, strong palatability, convenient feeding and low cost. In addition, it can also alleviate the contradiction between the lack of fine and green bait, and it is a kind of fish bait worth promoting. The grain buds are rich in vitamins and carotene. The use of the grain bud fish can promote the transformation and metabolism of nutrients in the fish, and enhance the antibacterial ability of the skin, especially for the prenatal cultivation of grassy fish such as grasshoppers, clams and cockroaches. It is of great significance to increase spawning rate, fertilization rate and survival rate. Now we will introduce the production and feeding methods of the buds as follows:

First, production. The grain seeds such as barley and rice are screened for impurities, washed and dried, and soaked in warm water at 25-30°C for a day and night. After the seeds are inflated, remove them and spread them in a wooden tray or other water filter, with a thickness of 3-5 cm, covered with gauze or sacks, and kept at room temperature at 18-25°C. Every day and night spray warm water of about 30°C 3-4 times, while slightly turning, 2-3 days after the hair roots and germ can grow, then remove gauze or sack film, about 5-7 days, shoots grow, The length of the bud can be controlled as needed to feed the fish.

Second, feeding. There are grass carp, carp, and carp that are used to eat the grain buds. Anatomy shows that blue, green and white squid also eat grain buds. Feeding time can be from late April to early November. Feeding the grain buds can not only solve the problem of shortage of fish and grass, but also help to increase the weight and reduce the cost. Casting buds must be fixed, timed, and quantified. The daily feeding amount is generally 5% of the total weight of the fish. If the fish in the water is not estimated to have an overall weight, it can be checked after 4 hours. If there are no remaining grain buds on the food field, the amount of budding should be increased appropriately. There is a small amount of grain buds left, indicating that the appropriate amount of investment. The variety of vitamins contained in the grain bud differs depending on the length of the bud. Therefore, it should be grasped as needed when feeding. Bud 0.5-1 cm, vitamin E content is high, suitable for broodstock prenatal training, for male fish can improve the quality of semen, the female fish has to promote egg hair, improve egg fertilization rate. When the buds are 2-3 cm long, they contain rich vitamin B, which can promote appetite, help digestion, and are suitable for breeding adult fish. When the buds are 3-10% in length, vitamin A accounts for a large proportion and plays an important role in fish growth and disease resistance. It is a good food for rearing bred fish, broodstock and broodstock. The use of grain bud fish is generally 3-4 kg of grain buds and 1 kg of fish. Grain buds can be used as feed directly feed fish, can also be used as vitamin additives in conjunction with other bait to improve the utilization of bait.

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