"Transgenic zebrafish" was successfully developed

A magical "transgenic zebrafish" that can visually monitor environmental estrogen contamination was successfully cultivated at Fudan University and passed the acceptance of experts.
Environmental estrogens are widely found in water, soil, and food. Through bio-enrichment, the concentration of environmental estrogens in living organisms is approximately tens of times higher than that in the environment. Environmental estrogens severely interfere with the development of gonadal gonads in the wild, resulting in reproductive dysfunction and reduced populations. As long as there is a very small amount of environmental estrogen entering the body, it will have an adverse effect on male reproductive function. Experts point out that in the past 50 years, the total number of sperm in the world has dropped by 40%, and semen volume has dropped by 20%. The decrease in semen quality directly leads to an increase in infertility rates and an increase in congenital malformations. The increase in the incidence of testicular cancer and prostate cancer may also be related to environmental estrogen contamination.
Three years ago, Fudan University's Key Laboratory of Molecular Medicine Ministry of Education introduced the purebred zebrafish species with clear genetic background from the United States, and established a large-scale, automated biozebra fish breeding technology platform. After a long period of arduous and meticulous work, the zebrafish vtg gene promoter, which is sensitive to estrogens, was cloned and identified. An eukaryotic expression plasmid for gfp gene regulated by this promoter was constructed and transferred into zebrafish by microinjection. Fertilized eggs. After extensive screening, F1 transgenic zebrafish, which is sensitive to estrogens, was finally obtained. The fish can visually, sensitively, specifically, conveniently, and quickly show estrogenic pollution in the water environment. Even if the environmental estrogen pollution in the water reaches only a trace amount, the liver of the transgenic zebrafish will emit green fluorescence.
The results have been applied for national invention patents. Experts believe that: The transgenic zebrafish for the detection of estrogen in the water environment is very convenient and rapid, and has important application and theoretical research value for environmental protection and reproductive physiology as well as reproductive pathology.

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