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When the body contains less than 30 mg of manganese per kilogram of dry matter, symptoms of deficiency can occur. And more appeared in the soil pH (pH ≥ 6.8) orchards. In the young leaves or newly-developed leaves, light green to yellow veins first appeared chlorotic; in severe cases, the leaves of the whole plant were chlorotic, sometimes accompanied by a slightly uplift of the inter-branch tissue, and the leaves were bright and waxy. The difference between manganese deficiency and magnesium deficiency is that the symptoms of deficiency of manganese occur first in the leaves that grow into the first, rather than the old leaves; secondly, the absence of manganese depletes the chlorosis between the veins to the main vein, which is the most typical of the so-called zebra pattern. In severe cases, only the leaf veins are green, and the rest are yellow to yellow-green, while the magnesium deficiency near the main vein and the base of the leaf often remain green. Corrective measures: 1 Apply alkaline fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, distiller's grains, vinegar, and organic fertilizers to alkaline soils in the north to reduce soil pH and release manganese from the soil. 2 spray manganese sulfate, 0.3% to 0.5% concentration, 3 to 5 times, about 15 days apart.

Chisandra extract and Powder is made from dried ripe fruit, Latin name is Fructus Schisandrae, the main active ingredient is Deoxyschizandrin,γ-Schizandrin,Schizandrin,Aomisin,Pseudo-r-Schizandrin and Schisantherin A. The Schizandra Chinennsis extract color is brown to red powder, slightly bitter taste.

Our Nature Schizandra extract Powder is far more valuable for typical day to day usage. Many of the psychoactive ingredients found in Schisandra are in both the leaves and the fruit. The extracts may use the leaves to get these bioactive ingredients rather than the fruits alone. The Schisandra Chinensis Extract has a good therapeutic effect on infectious hepatitis, it can significantly lower alanine aminotransferase and repair damaged liver cells.Schisandra Chinensis extract contains the anti-free radical agents ,which help to reduce the risk of illness and anti-aging.Schisandra chinensis extract usually applied on the treatment of insomnia, night sweat and other liver diseases.The extract has been used in the capsule, tablets and ointment.

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Schisandra Extract And Powder

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