Achieve sows' productive methods

The goal of rearing sows is to produce a large quantity of high quality piglets. Mr. Jiang Shaojun, a senior in the pig industry in our province, sums it up in an incisive manner: full, rich, live, and strong. The author hereby makes only a few observations about the sow's full potential, that is, the realization of the sow's prolific goal.

1 selection of high yield sows

Selecting sows with multiple litter performances is the basis for increasing sow fertility, otherwise it is only empty talk.

(1) Selection of pig breeds carrying the multi-litter gene. It is very difficult to obtain a result of 10 fetal calves with pigs of the original Buksia variety. It is generally believed that local pig breeds in China all have high yield characteristics. Therefore, some pig farms use local pigs as mother pigs. In the introduced pig breeds, Landrace pigs are commonly used as females, as the number of births can reach about 11.

(2) Breeding high-yield pigs using hybrid technology. In pig breeding, the hybrid dominance rate can reach 20-40%. In some pig farms, in order to increase the breeding power of the pig population that exists objectively, the method of cross breeding is commonly used to obtain the effect of high yield of sows. The hybrid methods include binary, tri-ternary, and reincarnation. This is due to the fact that the ground is suitable for pigs.

(3) Pay attention to the cultivation of the sow's reserve period. This work is often neglected by many pig farms, and it is mistaken for the reserve pigs to have only input and no output. This view of quick success and instant benefit often results in poor growth of the gilt's body and affects its ability to reproduce. Only by formulating diets and scientifically meticulous management to breed gilts according to the breed standards, will it be possible to ensure that the target of farrowing becomes a reality in adulthood.

(4) Maintain the optimal reproductive status of sows. Managers must regularly rectify sow herds, eliminate aged pigs and white-breed pigs in a timely manner, and promptly carry out herd turnover and maintain a herd age structure of 352 (old and young). There is a young, sow and disease-free sow herd that won the high-yielding goal.

2. Improve the delivery density

It is an important measure to increase the density of farrowing for sows that can produce large numbers of piglets in a year or a lifetime. It is difficult for the average sow to produce two litters per sow in the average pig farm, and the annual yield of the excellent pig farms and domestic excellent pig farms can reach 2.3. According to the sow’s utilization for 4 years, the 9.2 fetal piglet is the output of the four-year top five years.

(1) Early weaning of piglets. Weaning early in the country has just begun to promote, there is no uniform standard. In the past, folks used to use 2 months of weaning. Early weaning is three weeks old. The technical conditions are very difficult and it is not advisable to promote it at present. The appropriate weaning period depends on the facilities of the pig house, the quality of the diet, and the technical level of management. For general farms, it is advisable to promote 5 to 6 weeks of age.

(2) Shorten the period of idleness. Sows during pregnancy are powerless to change, to shorten the empty period can be used the following means: First, we must do a good job of early mating early pregnancy. Blood pairing pigs are meaningless, and the success rate of mating during lactation is extremely low. It is extremely important to grasp the work of mating in the first period after weaning. One must ensure that the sow has a certain level of nutrition and strive for early estrus. Secondly, it should be timely and scientifically matched to achieve one pregnancy. The second is a good sow aphrodisiac. The general approach is to ensure that the sows are in early estrous conditions, such as empty sow herd breeding, boar sedation, and drugs (injection of maternal serum). The third is prevention of genital diseases. All sows that are not easy to cure should be eliminated in time.

(3) Baotuo prevent flow. Surgical abortion occurs frequently within one month of the first trimester of pregnancy, accounting for about 80%, and 15% in the second trimester. Cause sows abortion due to nutritional deficiencies, feed intake of toxic feed, illness and mechanical trauma stress. The countermeasures for the above reasons are: pregnant sows provide full-price diets according to nutritional standards, must not feed moldy feeds and eat poisonous substances, be immune, and prohibit bite rack crowding.

3. Increase live piglets

Obtaining the maximum number of live litters is the overall goal of the previous project of breeding sows, and lays the foundation for the cultivation of late-stage piglets. You can start from the following three aspects.

(1) increase the number of fetuses. People often adopt re-allocation and compounding methods to achieve the above goals. The ovulation rate of sows can be as high as 30 or more. In order to fertilize the eggs more efficiently within the effective time, the use of a boar for two breedings (insemination), or the use of two boars for two breedings (insemination) will obtain the effect of multiple fertilization. .

(2) reduce, eliminate stillbirth. The factors that cause stillbirth include inbreeding, malnutrition, toxic substances, and diseases. Its control measures are the same as the third point in the second part of this article and will not be repeated.

(3) Carefully produce. Sows must be on duty at the time of childbirth for delivery, because pigs are multiple and sluggish livestock. Once missed, 10-30% of piglets will die or become ill. Difficulties in the production of artificial midwifery, to prevent excessive delivery time, fetal death. In case of fetal death, the fetus should be immediately given an emergency first aid, dry oral mucus, lift the hind limbs, and pat the chest and abdomen to resume breathing. Promote the immediate postnatal suckling of piglets, increase immunity and improve the ability to keep out the cold. Insulation boxes (plates) should be set up in cold seasons, and only rely on the temperature of the sow breast to protect the piglet from freezing.

Achieving the sow's prolificacy goal is a complex project. This is the first phase of the breeding farm and takes comprehensive scientific measures to obtain large numbers of live piglets and lays the foundation for the future piglet cultivation work. .


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