Fermented as a fertilizer

Fermentation of Fermented Bacteria After Fermentation of Edible Mushrooms, a lot of stipe, mycelium, mycorrhizal, etc. are left in the fungus, which contains bacterial proteins, bacterial polysaccharides and a large number of other active substances, its nutrients and mushrooms, Rice is almost the same. The nutrients in bacillary dysentery vary greatly depending on the type of edible fungus and the main cultivation materials, but the average situation is roughly as follows: the average content of crude protein is about 8%, the average content of crude fat is 0.8%, and the average crude fiber is about 17 %, nitrogen-free extracts average about 40%, but also rich in trace elements in calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and other minerals.
Bacteria are rich in nutrients and are excellent fertilizer resources. It is a pity to waste. If you use Fertilizer Fermentation Fermentation Fermentation, you can make a good organic fertilizer, adding several times. Fermentation of bacillary dysentery into fodder with gold baby feed starter is very simple and the material and the fermentation auxiliaries are mixed in proportion and sealed for three days. Website address: 152 PO Box 100081, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, No. 12 Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing Hotline 81428238

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