The key to large food technology needs

Israeli scientists believe that modern technological methods can find genes with great commercial potential in wild plants, and these genes can greatly improve existing crop varieties and increase grain yield. Therefore, genetic technology is the foundation for realizing the agricultural revolution.

Israel and its surrounding areas were once an important center for human domestication of wild animals and plants. These domesticated animals and plants have become the basis of human civilization. However, during the process of domestication, wild animals and plants may have their genetic genes eroded, gradually losing their ability to resist diseases and harsh environments. Therefore, it is more likely to be infected by diseases, droughts and salt and alkali damage. .

Professor Evans Talavi, director of the University of Haifa University’s Institute of Evolution, believes that an important way to improve the variety of cultivated plants is to seek the help of wild plant genes. Researchers at the Institute of Evolution of Haifa University are currently using the wild plant variety to change the genes of planted grains to produce varieties with stronger immunity and higher yields of wheat, barley and other grains.

Currently, Haifa University has established the world's largest gene bank for wheat, barley, oats and lettuce. Many genes in the gene bank are resistant to changes in environmental deterioration (such as drought, salinization, etc.) and are resistant to viruses and bacteria. Evolution is currently drawing gene maps that play an important role in survival, and they are cloned and transferred to human-grown plants to increase the disease resistance of these cultivated plants.

Professor Levy pointed out that we are in an era of rapid population growth and we must find better ways to increase world food production. Therefore, genetic technology rather than agricultural technology will become the basis for the realization of the future agricultural revolution.

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