The storage and transportation methods of lettuce

Autumn lettuce is hardy and suitable for storage.
1. Lettuce stored for lettuce can be properly sown late and harvested before freezing. Watering before harvest to make the soil wet. The next day the roots were uprooted and lightly aired. After the leaves were slightly twisted, they were placed upright in a cool place. After 4 to 6 days of storage, they were stored in a trench that had been dug in the north of the windbreak. When the stacking is done, the roots will be downwards, and the grooved walls will be slanted in a row, covered with wet soil to cover the stems, and then the second row will be covered with soil... until the yard is full, covered with a layer of soil. The temperature is high in the early period and the cover soil is thin. As the temperature drops, the soil is frozen and the soil layer is thickened successively. The total thickness does not exceed 30 cm. If the temperature in the ditch is between 0 and -2°C, the top leaves will be slightly frozen and the stems will not be frozen, so that good storage efficiency can be maintained. In the event of rain or snow, the film must be covered with water, causing it to rot. When the market needs it, dig it out at any time to remove rotten leaves and shake off the soil. Cut out the old roots and make it ready for sale. This method relies on earth-covered temperature control, should be checked, and problems found should be dealt with promptly.
2. Prosthetic storage The use of false preserving methods for undergrowth of small lettuce can both extend the supply period and allow it to grow slowly and fill the plants. Its pre-storage treatment with the trench method. Generally, in Yangshuo, a 10 cm wide ditch is opened. The lettuce is then discharged into the ditch. Slightly northward, there are gaps between the plants. The distance between the rows is about 10 cm, and after covering the soil, 2/3 of the bamboo shoots are planted. , And step on it. After planting soil moisture as the post-planting, timely spraying some water, water should not be too much, so as not to cause decay. In the initial stage, the temperature is prevented from being too high, and the heat insulation and antifreeze in the later period. Increase or decrease the cover through the ground, so that the temperature within the chamber is stable at 0 to 1°C. The preparatory period management measures are similar to those of celery.
3. Cold Storage Store the lettuce to be stored with 3 to 5 trees as a unit and place it in a film bag with a thickness of 0.03 mm. Seal the package and place it on a vegetable rack in a cold room. Store under suitable temperature and humidity conditions. Around the week.
4. Transport and packing short-distance transport can be directly sent to the distribution center or sales store by people's trolley; long-distance transport should be transported at a suitable temperature with warm car, and use bamboo baskets and plastic baskets with good supporting performance to reduce mechanical damage and prevent browning. change.

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