Promote new methods of scientific fertilization is imperative

At present, there are widespread problems in agricultural production such as unscientific fertilization, insufficient fertilizer input, unbalanced structure and proportion of investment crops, and even one-sided pursuit of product yield effects, ignoring misunderstandings in fertilizer application such as product quality effects, and seriously affecting the high yield and quality of crops. It is imperative to vigorously promote new methods of scientific fertilization. At present, the major new technologies that should be vigorously promoted are:

The soil-balanced fertilization technique firstly measures soils to understand soil fertility performance, and then integrates the law of crop manure requirements. Under the conditions of organic fertilizers, the appropriate amounts and proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace fertilizers are proposed, and the fertilizer is directly applied. Fertilizing techniques for crops. This is a major reform in China's fertilization technology. It is a comprehensive application of modern agricultural scientific and technological achievements and scientific and technological means.

Broaden the use of organic fertilizers to organize human and material resources, and engage in the accumulation of organic fertilizers. We must pay attention to the construction of “three facilities” where “people have toilets, livestock, and households have accumulation pits”. At the same time, farmers should be mobilized to make everything possible. The utilized organic fertilizer resources are collected as much as possible and piled up for decomposing use to ensure the input of organic fertilizers to the crops. The application of organic fertilizer is more than 1,500 kg per mu. Increase the amount of organic fertilizer application, do a good job of building the ground and maintain the balance of the land, so as to achieve the goal of combining land use with land and increase production of fertilizer land.

Crop Series Special Compound Fertilizer Use Technology Crop Series Special Compound Fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micro and other nutrients needed for the growth of crops. It is a physical product of formula fertilization technology. It solves the long-standing widespread rural areas. Difficult to match and fat to buy. Compared with simple fertilizer or conventional fertilization, crop special fertilizer has strong pertinence, reasonable ratio, and long-term fertilizer effect. It can significantly increase crop growth capacity and release fertilizer slowly after application. It can provide adequate nutrition for the whole growth period of the crop to achieve various nutrients. The balanced supply of elements to crops avoids blind fertilization and fertilizer waste. Generally, the utilization rate of nitrogen can be increased from 20% to 30%, and the utilization rate of phosphorus and potassium can be increased from 20% to 40%. Other microelements can also extend the effective period accordingly, and the cost and fertilizer of fertilizers can be reduced accordingly, and the economic benefit can be significantly improved. . The application of special fertilizers generally requires the use of whole-basic fertilizers once in place. The application amount of mu is generally 50-60 kg.

Highly efficient bio-organic compound fertilizer application technology Bio-organic compound fertilizer is an agricultural technology project that has been promoted by the National Science Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture in the country. The technological achievement is the first in China and ranks first in the world. It is a "four-in-one" fertilizer made of organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, fungus fertilizer and synergist. Bio-organic fertilizer combines the advantages of “rapid” fertilization, “steadiness” of organic fertilizer, and “promoting” fertilization, and forms a “combination of nutrients”, which can increase nutrient utilization from 30% to 50%. Generally, it can increase the output of grain and cotton crops by 10% to 20%, and that of specialty crops by 20% to 30%. It is an ideal product for the development of “green food” and high-quality agriculture. And can improve the soil, fertility and improve the ecological environment, is a highly efficient pollution-free and environmentally friendly fertilizer.

Application of Potassium and Trace Element Technology In addition to increasing the application of organic fertilizer and promoting the addition of dry land crop straw to the field to supplement soil potassium, the application of chemical potash fertilizer is the most direct and most effective method of supplementing soil potassium and supplying crop nutrient potassium. Elements such as boron, zinc, and molybdenum, although their crops demand is minimal, can generally be used as "icing on the cake" after application. Fruit trees, etc., are boron-tolerant crops that are very sensitive to boron. Boron deficiency will lead to “flowers but not realities” and “buds without flowers”, which will seriously affect crop yields. Boron applied to fruit trees is generally based on 0.5-1.0 kilograms per acre. It can also be sprayed on foliar surfaces, with 100-200 grams of boron fertilizer and 40-50 kg of water. Applying zinc to rice, wheat, and corn generally uses 1.0-1.5 kg of zinc fertilizer as base fertilizer. Peanut seed dressing with molybdenum - can control 12 grams of molybdenum

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