How to make silage

How to make silage How to quickly and safely make silage with Golden Baby II Feed Starter?
First, turn off the raw materials. First of all, attention should be paid to “harvesting silage materials at a proper time”. Forage and other crops have very different nutritional values ​​due to different growth stages. Generally grasses should be harvested at the heading stage, and legumes should be harvested at the bud stage. Second, raw silage with higher sugar content should be selected. To make the lactic acid bacteria breed rapidly, it is generally required that the silage material has a sugar content of about 1% to 5% in order to facilitate the formation of a good silage environment. The legume grass has more protein and less sugar, and it is best dried in the sun for storage. Silage should be mixed with other green feeds with high sugar content to achieve good results.
Second, turn off the good water content. Appropriate moisture content is the key to the success of silage, generally the optimum moisture content is 65%-75%, which is the most conducive to fermentation, and can reduce the loss of dry matter. The judgment method is: grab a handful of material, hold it tight for one minute and release it. If the juice can be squeezed out, the moisture content is more than 75%. If it keeps its shape without water, it is 70%-75%. The grass ball has Elasticity and slowly loosening, it is 55-65%; grass ball immediately released, it is 55%; if pasture is broken, it is less than 50%.
Third, turn off "anaerobic". The anaerobic environment can promote the propagation of lactic acid bacteria, produce a large amount of lactic acid, inhibit the activities of other harmful bacteria, and help prevent the activity of green feed cells and reduce the loss of nutrients. In order to facilitate the formation of an anaerobic environment, the raw materials should be crushed or at least chopped, the auxiliary materials should be compacted, and the materials should be compacted and sealed immediately after the materials are taken. The pits should also be checked frequently to prevent air leakage.
Fourth, turn off the good operation. Dosage: One ton of silage raw material plus one kilogram of Goldbaby Type II feed starter. First mix the golden bacon feed starter and corn flour in a ratio of 1:5 (ie, 1 kg of golden baby starter plus 5 kg of corn flour), and then spread the silage layer to a thickness of approximately 20 cm. The golden baby's fermentation mixture, after all the silage materials are loaded, the golden treasure ferment agent mixture is finally sprinkled, and then the silage can be sealed. Addition of Golden Baby Fermentation Aid is not the same as not increasing. Addition of fermentation auxiliaries can quickly consume the oxygen of silage, form an anaerobic environment, inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, make silage easy to succeed, and fast, reduce the operation due to Improper material and manpower, time and other major losses and wastes. Details can visit the website or consult. Website address: 152 Mailbox, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, No. 12 Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing 100081 Hotline 81428238

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