Zhuxiang Silky Broiler Chicken Breeding Management

1. Production methods: Breeders must adopt group feeding, small group breeding, and practice breeding methods of cross-breeding.

2. Management points: In addition to adequate nutrition, breeders should also pay attention to light, temperature, and air. Supplemental illumination can not only extend the feeding time of the hens, but also can pass through the hen's optic nerve and promote the secretion of the hormones required for egg production by the anterior pituitary gland. The hens' egg production duration is closely related to the illuminance, and the egg production period, daily light 15-16 hours is appropriate, light intensity of 15 square meters, 40-watt tungsten lamp is appropriate, usually during the day with natural light, early and late auxiliary artificial lighting. The suitable temperature for black-bone laying is 13-25°C. When the average daily temperature is higher than 30°C and lower than 10°C, the egg production rate will be significantly reduced; in order to increase the egg production rate, the environment of the house should be kept quiet.

(1) In the spring, the epidemic prevention should be done well. The spring climate is mild, and all kinds of micro-organisms are prone to breeding. This is the season when breeders are vulnerable to disease. Anti-epidemic and disinfection work should be done strictly. A thorough disinfection should be performed before the weather warms up.

(2) Summer management should pay attention to cooling. The broiler house should be ventilated to open doors and windows. When the temperature is higher than 30 °C, feathers can be used to spray water, drinking soda and other methods to reduce the body temperature. When feeding, feed more and sooner or later, feed less at midday, and supply some green fodder at noon.

(3), autumn management to feed nutrient-rich feed, extend the breeding period of breeders. It is also timely to eliminate hens with fewer eggs and weak constitutions. Inoculation, deworming can be carried out during the season.

(4) Winter management should pay attention to cold insulation. The ground should be replaced with warm materials such as chaff, sawdust, or chopped stalks; warm water should be fed if conditions permit; chickens should be put late in the morning and chickens should be closed early in the evening; the density of chickens in winter can be increased, but care should be taken. Ventilation; The feed energy in the diet should not be too high to prevent the birds from over-fat and affect egg production.

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