Japan has developed a new soluble bio-epoxy resin

Japan's Hitachi, Tokushima University and Yokohama National University have developed lignin as a main raw material, and recently developed an epoxy resin that is soluble in organic solvents. This material is expected to be used in electrical insulation parts requiring high heat resistance materials such as circuit boards, semiconductor packages, generators and substations.

The bio-epoxy resin previously developed is insoluble in an organic solvent, and it is difficult to form a specified shape, and the necessary heat resistance and insulation cannot be satisfied. As a result, Hitachi and other universities have developed epoxy resins that use lignin as a main raw material and are soluble in organic solvents. They use low molecular weight lignin to adjust the catalyst formulation and reduce the relative molecular mass of the epoxy resin, making it soluble in organic solvents. When obtaining lignin, the steam explosion method developed by Tokushima University is used, which is a technique for decomposing wood into various components such as cellulose and lignin under high temperature and high pressure.

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