Mango seedless cultivation and management technology

Mango is famous for its color and taste, and has a reputation of "King Guo". Mango tree grows quickly and grows long. Its result is early, its service life is long, and its cultivation and management are easy. It has broad cultivation prospects in the tropics and subtropics. However, ordinary mangoes are of good quality and large in size. The edible rate is low and fly in the ointment. It is of great significance to increase the economic value of mango and enhance the market competitiveness of mango. Technological advancement: This technology develops NG regulators based on the mechanism of the production of mangoes and kernels, using NG regulators to induce seed abortions to produce “paper cores”, and make “paper core” fruits Normal embryos grow as normal. The edible rate of the fruit is only 65%. The edible rate of the fruit after induction reaches 85%, the induction rate reaches 80%, and the fruit can be increased. The average fruit weight after treatment is 48% higher than that of the control fruit. There is no difference between the quality and flavor and the control fruit. Never cause pollution to natural conditions or damage to consumers. Technology has passed the appraisal organized by Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Commission. Investment and market analysis: This technology is simple, easy for the producers to grasp, with less dosage, low cost, 100 yuan per mu for the whole process, because the treated fruit has no nuclear or nuclear, edible rate is high, economy The value is increased, and the price of fruits is much different from that of saturated fruits. The price difference is generally 20-30 yuan per kilogram, and the minimum is 8 yuan. The value-added per mu is not less than 1,000 yuan. Fourth, the scope of application: The technology should be used in Dongxiang Hongmang, Hongmang 6, Green Piman and other high-quality mango.

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