Potato Fertilization "Five Must"

One must determine the proportion of fertilizer. The ratio of pure nitrogen, pure phosphorus and pure potassium required for each 1000 kilograms of potato tubers was 5:2:11, and the amount of fertilizer was determined according to soil nutrients.

Second, increase organic fertilizer. Organic manure is a complete fertilizer containing a large number of trace elements necessary for the growth of potatoes.

Third, we must use basal fertilizers correctly. Basal fertilizers are mostly organic or organic and inorganic fertilizers. In the case of adequate fertilizer can be fully applied to improve the soil fertility; if the fertilizer is limited, it is more reasonable to concentrate on seed fertilizer use. The amount of basal fertilizer generally accounts for more than two-thirds of the total amount of fertilization, and the basal fertilization is based on decomposed farmyard manure, and a certain amount of quantitative fertilizer is added. The specific fertilization amount is: a plot of land of about 1,500 kg in 667 square meters, 1500-2500 kg of organic fertilizer, 20 kg of urea, 20-30 kg of Calcium, 10-12 kg of potash, and will be applied to calcium, magnesium and sulfur. The requirements for medium and trace elements are relatively large. In order to improve the quality, extra-root fertilizers can be combined with pest control. 667 square meters is sprayed with 200 grams of Gaole foliar fertilizer and 400 times of liquid is sprayed. The amount of boron fertilizer to be applied is 0.5-1 kg per 667 m2. It is better to use basal fertilizer as the base fertilizer, and it can also be used as a root spray. The 0.2% spray concentration is appropriate.

Size: 220 grains/50g.The cultivation of Conventional Goji Berry using the usual modern and traditional agricultural technologise. In Ningxia China you can see thousands of acres of goji berry cultivation base. In June each year, the goji berry trees bear agate-like fruits. After a series of machine processing, nutrition-rich Fresh Goji Berries are processed into the dried goji berrise for easy storage and transportation. Finally through the dealers like you and me, the magic goji berries into the plates around the world.

 With a supreme dose of healthy nutrients, goji berries are certainly worthy of their famous `superfood` status. But it`s not just their high nutritional values; their sheer flavoursome versatility and unique, slightly tangy, sweet and sour flavour makes them a perfect natural enhancement for so many meals and diet plans. As established goji fans will know, no collection would be complete without the world-renowned Ningxia fruit, grown in the mineral-rich floodplain soils of China`s Yellow River.




Low pesticide / EU standards


Meet EU pesticide standards

Goji berry is listed in the Pharmacopeia of the People's Republic of China (2000), and use of the berries dates back 2,300 years. Traditional use has included preventing conditions such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cancer, hepatitis, immune disorders, thrombosis, and male infertility.  In traditional Chinese medicine it is used for its anti-aging properties and tranquilizing and thirst quenching effects, as well as its ability to increase stamina. Goji is a core ingredient in most herbal eye remedies. Further uses have included nourishing the blood, enriching the yin, and as a tonic for the liver, kidneys, and lungs.

Size 220 Low Pesticide Goji Berry

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