Advantages of winter fermentation of straw feed

Advantages of Fermented Straw Feed in Winter Fermentation feeds, due to the fermentation softening of feeds, produce a large amount of organic acids, enzymes, vitamins, and bacterial proteins, giving them the characteristics of being sour, sweet, soft, cooked, fragrant, with a slight taste of wine, etc. It can decompose some of the difficult-to-digest substances, thereby significantly improving the palatability and utilization efficiency of roughage and enhancing the palatability. Pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry, and fish are willing to eat long, which can increase the breeding income by 15% to 20%. This is mainly because the inoculation of functional microorganisms in the fermentation raw materials, such as the Kinpo-type feed starter, is greatly shortened compared to the conventional fermentation time. For example, the addition of the Kinpo-1 feed starter can be completed in a few days. Especially in the winter fermentation feed has a great advantage:
The lack of green fodder in winter due to the lower climate, there is basically no green plants outside, such as through the fermentation process can be long-term preservation of green fodder, to maintain the characteristics of green and juicy, such as the addition of groin feed starter can greatly improve the palatability.
The raw materials are sufficient. Various kinds of roughage such as crop stalks, vine leaves and various non-toxic leaves, weeds, and wild vegetables can be selected. After smashing and grinding as raw materials, vinegar residue, wine slag, vinegar residue, soy sauce residue, bean cake, edible mushroom can also be used. Wastes such as slag, powder residue, bean curd residue, bone meal, and bagasse are quickly turned into biological feed, but the raw materials cannot be moldy and rot. When legumes are used as raw materials, they must be mixed with grasses, otherwise the quality is poor and the taste is not normal. Fermenting agents can only ferment some of the above raw materials, while the professional fermentation agent can be fermented as long as it can be fermented into feed, such as gold baby feed starter.
In winter, the time is sufficient. In the winter, there is basically no matter what. It is no longer as busy as it is when it is busy, but there is room for free, which can be used for the production of fermented feed.

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