Agaricus bisporus cultivation: autumn management

In order to seize the stable production and high yield of autumn mushroom, we must focus on the following aspects. Water management is the key: proper use of water, hyphal growth, fruiting bodies, mushrooming tide increase; excess water, will cause mycelial shrinkage fade, the formation of primordium, mushroom fruit body will appear "rust" , "Red root"; lack of water, the fruit body is not full, there will be flat top, concave top or scales on the surface. Moisture management should focus on increasing the relative humidity of the air. When water is sprayed, it should be based on the mushrooming situation, the wet and dry conditions of the culture materials and soil layer, and the change of weather. Generally when the mushrooms are more than one spray, sunny and more spray, when the culture materials and soil layers are dry, they are sprayed more, otherwise they are sprayed less. When spraying water, make the sprayer face the sun area. Do not spray it directly.

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Plasma Collecting

Tetanus Antiserum

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