Cows raise four points during dry milk

Female cows stop milking for two months before delivery in order to supply the main nutrient to the fetus and restore breast tissue damaged by long-term milk production. This time is called dry milk period. Feeding and managing dairy cows should have the following four points:

First, prevent and treat mastitis

15 days after dry milk, mastitis is prone to occur due to the fact that breast tissue has not stopped its activities. Therefore, check the daily changes of the cow's breast. If the breast is swollen and there is inflammation such as redness, fever, and pain, the milk should be squeezed immediately for treatment. Method: First, apply the affected area with 10% alcohol ishigone or ishigashi ointment. The second is to use penicillin 2 million - 2.5 million international units, two intramuscular injections each day, or intravenous injection of tetracycline 2 million international units, once a day.

Second, prevent too much concentrate feed

Within 7 days after dry milk, dairy cows do not feed high-protein, high-fat concentrate feeds, mainly roughage, and do not feed succulent feeds.

Third, pay attention to public opinion

After thoroughly drying milk, look at the cow's lyrical condition for feeding and management. For dry-milk dairy cows that are malnourished, in addition to supplying high-quality roughage, they should also be combined with concentrates.

Fourth, strengthen activities

Dry milk cows should exercise properly every day to prevent complications. Pay attention to prevent cows from colliding with each other and observe the cow's behavior, appetite, exercise, rumination, rest, etc. often.

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