How spring bee colonies manage

Spring is the best time for bee-keeping. The apiary households grasp the management of the early spring bee colony and promote its rapid development. This is the key to obtain high-yield honey throughout the year and ensure the economic benefits of beekeeping throughout the year.

The spring bee colony management aims to ensure that bee colonies can smoothly and rapidly restore the group potential after winter, so that the bees can maintain a strong group posture when the main honey bee period arrives, so as to make full use of effective honey sources and seize High yield and maximum benefit. If bee colonies are planted in autumn and seedlings are managed in winter, the spring management of bee colonies will be like nursery. Only a strong seedling can win a good harvest. Therefore, the spring management of bees is also an important management stage of a beekeeping year.

Spleen tightly. Choose a sunny weather with temperatures above 10°C and switch to the spleen thoroughly. The spleen is best to use the old spleen for about 3 years, but the nest spleen that was cut off in the fall of the house cannot be used. After tightening the frame, the bee colony should be in a state where the bees are more than the spleen so that spring failure can be avoided.

Promote bees excretion. Choose weather that is warm and windless and the temperature is above 10°C. Remove the insulation and lid outside the box, warm the honeycomb, and urge the bees to fly out of the nest to eliminate the feces accumulated in the intestines during the winter and restore their normal metabolism. The function is to extend the life, if the weather is fine, it can continue to be excreted, and when the temperature is suitable, the insulation facilities will be removed again.

Strengthen insulation. First of all, it should be close to the clustering potential, keep the proportion of bees and spleen, and with the increasing temperature and the development of the group potential adjustment, the minimum per frame down to Liu Cheng bee. Followed by the prevention of moisture in time to replace the insulation. The third is to adjust the nest door, block the box joints, and gradually enlarge the nest door in the morning, gradually reducing after 3 pm to keep the worker bees out of the crowded and not fanned. The fourth step is to gradually withdraw the package, (North China is generally completed in April), first to withdraw the above, retreat for four weeks, and finally withdraw from the bottom of the box, first withdraw from the strong group, withdraw from the weak group, would rather be late withdrawal, not early withdrawal.

Reward feeding. When the source of spring egg powder in spring is not enough, it should be fed with rewards to encourage spawning and accelerate spring propagation. For example, in the early flowering period of rapeseed, the temperature is relatively low. Although there is pollen, but less nectar, reward feeding is very necessary. You can spray some syrup on the added spleen. When the prize-winning is started, it will be once every two days, and will be changed to one day after another as the larvae increase. To continue feeding, it can achieve the purpose of rapid reproduction.

Strong and weak complementarity. Due to the limited expansion of the oviposition ring, spawning ability is difficult to fully play. Therefore, strong and weak complementary methods can be used to extract the spleen of the weak group to the strong group, so that the strong group nurtures the young bees and replaces the spleen to the weak group. Let the queen continue to lay eggs. This can not only exert the spawning ability of the weak group queen bee, but also make full use of strong group feeding ability. When the new bees from Qiangqun come out of the house, they will supply the house spleen with weak larvae to the weak group, which will make them weaker and stronger, which will greatly increase the speed of the rejuvenation of the bees in the whole field, in order to welcome the nectar period. Come fully prepared.

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