Technical advice for changing rice into corn

Applicable area: Summer drought-prone and drought-prone areas in the maize planting areas in Sichuan disaster areas.

The disaster area is very scarce due to earthquake irrigation. Irrigation area can be selected from the tailwater fields, the newly added Tianma field, and the perennial high-Y (high station) rainforests.

Sowing time and method. The appropriate sowing date for replanting corn is before June 5, the sooner the better.

Replant corn varieties. Select medium-mature, anti-leaf spot, sheath blight, southern rust, high temperature and high humidity, density and lodging resistance of corn varieties to meet the high temperature and humidity conditions in the disaster area from June to August. For example, Yayu No. 2, Chuandan No. 418, Chuandan 23, Chuandan 26, Chengdan 30, Chengdan 26, Zhenghong 2 can be selected.

Planting density and application of fertilizers. Planting density is 3200-3600 plants/mu. Fertilizer dosage equivalent to urea, superphosphate, and potassium chloride is 32 to 34 kg, 30 to 36 kg, and 10 to 13 kg per mu respectively. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be applied as a one-time basal fertilizer, and urea application technology should be appropriately adjusted. The ratio of 30%, 20%, and 50% of the base fertilizer, seedling fertilizer, and tapping fertilizer for spring corn was changed to 40%, 30%, and 30%.

Grooves are planted in wide and narrow rows. In the corn growing season, corn and maize were alternately replaced by droughts and floods, with the most prominent shades of rain. In addition, paddy fields were prone to waterlogging, and they were required to be planted in wide and narrow lanes. Generally, 6 rows of corn were used as a single car, and the width of the car was 3.6 to 4.0 meters. With a width of 0.20 meters and a ditch depth of 0.3-0.5 meters, the fields with particularly difficult moisture removal, back ditch depth and 0.5-0.6 meters of drainage outlets will reduce the flooding period and ensure the normal growth, development and maturation of corn. Wide and narrow line specifications are 1.17 meters wide, with a narrow line spacing of 0.5 meters for good ventilation. Wide-ranging rows can also be used to cover dwarf and pod crops such as soybeans and sweet potatoes to increase light energy utilization and land productivity.

Integrated pest management. Due to the high humidity and high temperature in the growing season of maize, it is easy to produce sheath blight, stalk rot and southern rust and leaf spot. In the early stage of disease, 20% Jinggangmycin wettable powder can be used to control sheath blight (50 grams per mu, spraying 50 kg of water), and 43% Hercules emulsion is used to control leaf spot disease (15 mu of mu for 50 kg of water. Spray) or 65% Zeoxin 1000 times, 50% carbendazim 500 times spray. At the same time, attention should be paid to the prevention of corn borer, can use 50% Rui Jin special emulsion 30 ml 2 kg snacks on fine sand; 50% phoxim 10 ml 5 kg snack on fine sand; or use Beauveria bass powder 20 g Fine sand 2 kg snacks. Can also be used 50% dichlorvos 1000 times, 50% phoxim 1500 times liquid snack or unopened tassel control corn borer.

Chemical control and prevention. In the high-temperature and high-humidity conditions and the plow bottom shallow (about 20 cm or so) of the rice field to replant corn, 7-10 days before the tasseling, according to the growth of the field may determine the presence of lodging threats, with 25 ml of Jianxin (per mu input About 1.5 yuan) spray 50 kg of water, control the height of corn plants, prevent lodging, and can also spray water with non-alkaline disease prevention and control pesticides to reduce labor input.

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