Management Techniques for Fattening Meat Rabbits

Some of the living habits (such as nocturnal nights, fear of panic, etc.) formed by wild rabbits in the wild are still preserved. According to experiments, under the same feeding conditions, the rabbits were reared in dark cages for 6 months, and each of them was 250 to 350 grams higher than the average number of rabbit cages. This is because Under the dark and low light conditions, the meat rabbits have changed their habits of lethargic sleep during the day, do not want to eat, live at night, and have a balanced diet.
In addition, meat rabbits live in a dim environment, with less interference from external sounds, light, and other animal activities, as well as increased food intake, increased digestibility, and accelerated growth.
In order to ensure the healthy growth of meat rabbits, meat rabbits are fattened in a dim environment. They should pay special attention to two things: First, they must do a good job in the cleaning and sanitation of cages and prevent various diseases; It is a comprehensive diet nutrition.

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