Effective Prevention and Control of Death of Straw Mushrooms

In the process of straw mushroom production, it is often seen that the larvae of the larvae wilting and dies, causing serious losses to the straw mushroom production. There are many reasons for the death of the young mushroom, mainly the following points.

1. The culture material Pleurotus eryngii prefers an alkaline environment. When the pH is less than 6, it can grow into a mushroom, but it is difficult to grow. The acidic environment is more suitable for the growth of green molds, yellow molds and other bacteria, and competition for nutrition causes the death of the mushroom. Therefore, when the culture material is formulated, the pH in the material is appropriately increased. After the completion of the first wave of mushrooms can be sprayed 1% lime water or 5% of the plant gray water, in order to maintain the pH within the material around pH8.

2. The low temperature of the material or the sudden change of the temperature of the mushroom is very sensitive to the temperature of the mushroom. When the temperature of the material is below 28 degrees Celsius, the growth of the mushroom is affected and even died. If the temperature changes too much, in the event of a cold wave or a typhoon, the temperature will drop sharply, which will lead to the death of the young mushroom. In severe cases, the big mushroom will die.

3. Improper use of water The straw has certain requirements for the water temperature, and generally requires the same degree of water as room temperature. For example, spraying deep well water at about 20°C on a hot summer can cause a large number of deaths of young mushrooms. Therefore, the water spray should be performed in the morning and evening, and the water temperature should be about 30°C.

According to the different stages of growth and development of the grass mushroom body, the water spray method should be mastered correctly. If the fruiting body is too small, excessive water spray will cause the young mushroom to die. In the fruiting body needle period and the small button period, the material surface must stop spraying. If the material surface is relatively dry, it can only be sprayed in the aisle of the cultivation room and pour water on the ground to increase the relative humidity of the air.

4. Mushroom damage Mushroom mycelium is sparse and easily damaged. If the action is too large during picking, it will touch the surrounding culture material, causing the mycelium to break, and the mycelia of the surrounding mushroom will be broken to make the supply of water and nutrients not available. Therefore, it should be as light as possible when picking mushrooms. When picking straw mushrooms, hold the growth base of straw mushroom in one hand to protect other young mushrooms and the other hand to twist and pick up mature mushrooms. If there are dense clusters of mushrooms, they can be removed together to avoid the death of most immature mushrooms due to the impact of individual mushrooms.


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