Nano Waterless Superconducting Heating

The fourth-generation nano waterless superconducting heating technology, saving energy 50% -70% Fourth generation anhydrous superconducting heating technology, heat transfer for about 5 minutes, can increase the heating system to 100 degrees, thermal efficiency up to 95%, is Coal, electricity, oil, gas, firewood, etc. can be used as heat source, saving 70% of energy and saving installation cost by 40%. It is the first choice for developing high-efficiency heat transfer. Superconducting technology is widely used in homes, flats, and greenhouses where heating is required. It is easy to install, safe and energy-saving. Superconducting heating technology is a new technology for superconducting heat transfer and efficient heat transfer. Non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, and non-explosive. This technology utilizes the working principle of single-tube closed superconducting liquid circulation and heat transfer, which overcomes the three major problems of air resistance, corrosion of water pipes, and low transmission efficiency of old water boilers. This technology can be widely used in heating and heating applications such as homes, offices, schools, shops, heating sheds, flower pits, etc. It can also be used as drying equipment, superconducting heaters, superconducting solar heaters, superconducting boilers and winter cars. Heat and other waste heat - it will be the leading technology of the heating industry in the 21st century. First, its starting temperature is extremely low: only 30 degrees can be started to transfer temperature. The water transfer temperature must exceed or reach 100 degrees, the water heating is very slow, and the delivery is slower. Generally, the warming of a plumbing system must take 1 to 2 hours to reach room temperature. As long as superconducting heating can light a newspaper, the radiator can be warmed up. Its transmission speed is several dozen times that of plumbing, and it can deliver 20 meters per minute. Second, minus 40 degrees will not freeze: superconducting heating system will not freeze at minus 40 degrees, there is no hidden danger of ice, can be normal operation. Plumbing equipment in the cold north, as long as a day of heating will freeze the water pipe or cooling fins. Superconducting medium heating only needs to connect the medium heater with single or double tubes and multiple sets of radiator without any valve connector. Radiators can use the existing cast iron, aluminum alloy, steel plate heaters on the market, and can also self-made plate-type heat sinks. Third, no life-long maintenance: Plumbing equipment must be repaired and repaired every year, and there are leaks, water, dripping phenomenon, no matter how good the maintenance, the life of plumbing equipment is only six to seven years. However, once the superconducting heating system is installed, it can be maintained for 50 years without being repaired for as long as it is not man-made damage. Fourth, the structure is simple, easy to install: home heating only ordinary heating furnace can be used for simple restructuring, no heat sink and the use of heat sink can be, a catheter or two catheters can guide the heat source. If the heat sink tube is coiled up, the cost is low and the heating effect is unchanged. Fifth, save energy: 50% more than plumbing equipment, save oil, gas more than 40%, can reduce the comprehensive use fee 50%, but the thermal efficiency increased by 30%, 5 to 8 minutes to the radiator surface temperature can reach 70 °C ~ Above 90°C. Sixth, water-saving 100%: superconducting heating is the use of superconducting liquid instead of water, every 50m2 room only uses 1.5 kilograms of superconducting liquid, a filling lifelong use. Seven, multi-purpose heating furnace: superconducting heat transfer medium, in the furnace when it encounters irregular heat, can generate a lot of heat, so the energy-saving effect is obvious. This product has a broad market prospect. The product can be used for heating and heating purposes in homes, offices, schools, shops, heating sheds, flower pits, etc. It will be the leading technology in the heating industry in the 21st century. If you open a heating installation outlets, as long as there are welding tools, you can carry out the role of household and industrial heating installation engineering, invest 2000 yuan to start production. If you undertake a large-scale project, no equipment investment is required. According to the amount of project, only a simple tool is needed for liquidity. The capital turnover rate is extremely fast. One week or two weeks of operation, the profit is several times the amount of investment. Franchisees are limited to one county per city and teach straw vaporizer technology for free. Free visit to study, payment after satisfaction, we solemnly promise: If you see and the facts are not attached or in accordance with our way you can not create a satisfactory product. We compensate you for all the losses! Unit: Jinan Daguan Energy Saving Technology Research Institute ( Jinan Daguan Civil Energy-saving New Technology Research Institute) Address: Room 226, Celebrity Times Building, No. 38, Yingying Shandong Road, Jinan City. Telephone E-mail: Contact: Zhao Wei

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