Jinbao Tenebrio Feed Starter (Production Method)

Jinbao Tenebrio Feed Starter (Production Method)
Tenebrio mealworms are miscellaneous, so long as they contain the main nutrients and their shapes are suitable, they can be used as feed. At present, the use of starters such as crop stalks, sawdust, cottonseed hulls, bagasse, poultry manure, and edible mushroom culture media , and all kinds of brewing industry's leftovers, etc. can be turned into Tenebrio gourmet foods, such as the "Central" role and various metabolites produced by the microbial fermentation, degradation and transformation of the fungus Tenebrio molitor. After fermentation, a series of indicators such as physical shape, fragrance, palatability, hand feeling and nutritional status are all greatly improved. The time-saving and labor-saving costs and the two types of Kinpo II fermentation aids save about 70% of the time.
After fermentation, the product is golden yellow, smooth and smooth, smells good, taste good, animals like to eat and eat, palatability is very good, a variety of organic acids, vitamins, biological enzymes, amino acids and many other unknown growth factors, greatly The nutritional level and digestion and utilization rate of the fermented material were improved, the animal was able to “eat without food”, and the phenomenon of “eat not long meat” was completely changed, and the nutritional value was more comprehensive.
The microorganisms contained in the Jinbao Tenebrio feed starter are directly involved in the barrier action of the animal's intestine, supplement the population and quantity of beneficial microorganisms in the animal's intestine, form a "dominant beneficial bacteria group", and prevent the colonization and growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, recovery and Maintain the micro-ecological balance in the animal's intestine, so as to improve the animal's immunity and disease resistance, make the animals less sick, and make the farmers save money. Details can visit the website or consult.

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