Flower matrix DIY

Flower matrix DIY
Flower viewing is a very beautiful thing. Cultivation of flowers is a matter of cultivating sentiments. It is a wonderful thing to look at flowers step by step. The following starts with the most basic thing - the flower matrix. With dry branches, leaves, grass, peels, feces, hair bones, viscera, etc. as raw materials, together with old pots, stove ash, and garden soil, they are mixed together and mixed with 1 jinbao matrix fermentation agent for fermentation, usually for 10 days. About to complete the fermentation. When making compost soil, care should be taken not to overwet the accumulated soil so that the aerobic bacteria can have enough air to decompose the organic matter and generate nitrides and sulfides. If it is too wet, odorous bacteria will corrupt the organic matter into ammonia gas and hydrogen sulfide, which will be lost in the air and reduce the effect of fertilizer. Details can visit the website or consult.

Gasoline-Vacuum Pump Dual-Typed Milking Machine is made with both Gasoline motor and Vacuum Pump motor, so it works with either motor is ok.

This type machine is more convenient based on its double function.

Gasoline-Vacuum Pump Dual-Typed Milking Machine is usually fitted with two buckets, so the efficiency for worker`s milking is higher than one bucket only. For small farms far from the city, double function can handle with some emergency situation such as gasoline shortage or power cut.

Gasoline-Vacuum Pump Dual-Typed Milking Machine can be also customized with four cup groups, and can be designed based on customer`s request.


Gasoline-Vacuum Pump Milking Machine

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