Analysis of Causes of Slow Growth of Weaned Piglets

1, weaning irrational farmer pigs to take a weaning method, immediately listed after weaning, so that the piglet's living conditions suddenly changed, it is difficult to adapt to affect weight gain. The number of suckling piglets should be gradually reduced from 5 to 6 days before weaning until they are fully weaned. This method is very beneficial to the growth of piglets.
2. Feeding is not timely The piglets have not been able to feed in time in the lactation stage. They cannot eat well after weaning, causing slow growth and poor growth. Piglets should be fed at 7 days of age so that when the sow's lactation levels drop, they can be officially supplemented to make up for the lack of breast milk. It started with fragrant, sweet, brittle and easily digestible feeds, and gradually changed to normal feed later.
3, feed and feeding methods After weaning is not reasonable, piglets not only can not eat breast milk, and the feed quality is also very poor, feeding more water, less feed, the number of daily feeding from the weaning before 6-8 sharply reduced to the day 3 times feeding These changes hinder the normal development of piglets. Therefore, when you purchase pigs, you need to ask in detail about the feeding and management of the pigs so that the fine, green, and rough feeds will gradually transition and the number of feeds will gradually change from more to fewer.
4, the environmental conditions change too much After weaning piglets, usually a pig lap, can not adapt to this lonely life for a short time, especially in winter, the weather is cold, coupled with good to eat well, it is easy to produce more Diseases and even death. Therefore, when buying pigs, try to ask as many questions as possible to create a comfortable living environment for the piglets.
5. Extensive management Farmers' pigs are generally a pigsty, and life is monotonous. Some pigs eat, sleep and excrete in the same place. Cleaning and washers are not used, causing environmental pollution and poor sanitation conditions. It is easy to cause diseases. Seriously affect the health of pigs. In the actual pig production, pigs can compete for food, fast growth, and do a good job of training to make them eat and eat regularly. Sleep at a certain point and keep the environment clean.
6. Preventing epidemics and de-escalating time. Do not purchase more pigs from farmers than in bazaars. At the same time, they will also conduct epidemic prevention and castration. In this way, the three factors of weaning, epidemic prevention and castration were all added to the piglets to make them lose weight for a long period of time, which seriously affected the normal development of the pigs. If the pigs do not remain, the boars can At 20 days of age, gilts can be castrated at 30-40 days of age. In order to prevent swine fever, a piglet vaccine may be given after the birth of the piglet and before the baby is sucked. The erysipelas vaccine can be injected after weaning.

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