Raising sheep requires efficient fattening

The fast fattening of mutton sheep can slaughter lambs for 2 months, weigh up to 15 to 20 kilograms and have a survival rate of over 98%. In management technology, we must grasp the following issues.

Choosing the good breed is to choose the best hybrid sheep and fully utilize the advantages of hybrids to increase production. For example, goats and other males are used as male parents. The local white goats are used as female parents for multi-hybridization. The goats that have been cultivated have a large body size, stable genetic properties, high reproductive performance, strong disease resistance, high meat yield, and wool. White, good gloss, good elasticity and so on.

Building a shed to build a mutton pen to make it cool in winter and cool in summer. It should be built in a place with high dryness, good drainage and ventilation, and clean sanitation. The north slope should be a half slope, and the back wall should be 1.8 meters high. 2.2 meters high, peripheral playground, to create a good living environment for fattening sheep.

Breeding ewes Ewes should be grazing on high-quality pastures or mountain farms, or be fed with good-quality forages. At the same time, each ewes feed 0.4 to 0.7 kg of mixed concentrate every day. The composition of mixed concentrates: corn 60%, wheat bran 8%, cottonseed cake 16%, soybean meal 12%, salt 1%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 3%. Selecting lambs and fattening lambs from the lamb herd to select individual large, well-developed, feeding ability, disease-free lambs constitute the fattening group after weaning. It is better to choose the male lamb because the male lamb grows faster and does not reach sexual maturity at this time.

Lamb supplements can be used with cereal feeds with appropriate amount of soy cake (soybean), as well as mixed concentrates such as corn 45%, wheat bran 22%, soybean meal 30%, salt 1%, and fishmeal 2%. Lamb's concentrate feed increases with the age of the month. At 20 to 30 days of age, the amount of lambs fed was 50 to 70 grams; for 1 to 2 months, it was 100 to 150 grams; for 2 to 3 months it was 200 grams, and it was fed twice a day.

Timely tailing of lambs can accelerate the growth of mutton sheep, improve meat quality, and reduce odor. Lambs can be tailed at 2 to 21 days of age, but are most suitable for 2 to 7 days of age. The tail-breaking time is best performed on a sunny day. Method: First, the rubber band breaks off. The rubber elastic band with better elasticity was placed between the 2nd and 3rd caudal vertebrae of the lamb so that the lower part of the tail couldn't get nutrition and shrank. After 10 days, it fell off on its own. Second, fast knife off. First tie the tail with a string, cut off the blood flow, and then use a sharp knife to cut off from the tail 4 to 5 cm, with a good gauze bandage, in the afternoon, you can untie the tether, after 5 to 7 days Jiyu.

Castration promotes the growth of male lambs. It is generally performed at the same time as the broken tail. The rubber band method and the surgical method can be used. Commonly used is the rubber band method. The testicles of a male lamb within 7 days are squeezed into the scrotum. The spermatic cord is tightly tangled with the scrotum with a rubber band. After 20 to 30 days, the scrotum and the plug pill will dry naturally and fall off. .

Timely disinfection In the feeding and management of mutton sheep, there must always be sufficient and clean drinking water supply, good ventilation, dry floors, bedding, and feedstuffs should not be contaminated. Clean and disinfect sheep pens, sheep houses, chutes, and sinks; lambs, grasses, forages, utensils, etc. should be grounded in the sun, and work clothes and medical equipment should be boiled and sterilized.

Disease prevention According to the epidemic characteristics of the local sheep disease, we adhere to the principle of “prevention and treatment” and systematically conduct drug prevention and immunization against herds to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases and parasitic diseases.

Timely fattening, fattening sheep, and full body strength can be based on market conditions and timely slaughter, you can shorten the meat sheep fattening cycle, but also can increase the economic benefits of sheep farmers.

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