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The company is located in Guandu Market, Guandu Road, Maoming City, Guangdong Province and will permanently wholesale barley worms. The commercial worms in our shop are bred from the South African generation to the third generation source species. Absolute quality assurance. The survival rate is as high as 99%. The survival rate of larvae is 90%, and the emergence rate is as high as 100%. The survival rate and reproduction rate of adults after emergence are much higher than those of various specialized breeding plants. At present, the breeding rate of this species of breeding worm is the highest in China. An average of one kilogram of the source worms in the adult stage can reproduce 2,000 kilograms of commercial larvae within two months in accordance with the male-male ratio of 1:1. Feeding costs are low, less than one dollar per kilogram. Feeding and management are convenient. Using black soil compound quality ventilation temperature control method to create the original evolutionary environment of South Africa. After the larvae have grown for generations in the artificial environment, they have undergone a preliminary evolution and have grown for two generations. They have been super-evolved and the reproduction rate has reached the highest state. Three generations of growth have been achieved, and the final evolution has been achieved. The degenerate fake wings have been maximally strengthened and can fly freely. The reproduction rate reaches the top. The perfect transcendence of traditional low-end old insects only disassembles the technology, which greatly saves labor costs and space utilization of artificial rearing. It has high nutritional value and is easy to use as a living feed for keeping animals. Barley worms contain 71.6% crude protein and 23.9% fat. They are also known as "the first of protein treasures." They also contain a variety of sugars, amino acids, vitamins, hormones, enzymes and minerals, phosphorus, iron, Potassium, sodium, calcium, etc. With high nutritional value and broad market prospects, it can be used as a high-protein live feed. It is used to raise frogs, crickets, cockroaches, cockroaches, snakes, high quality fish, ornamental birds, medicinal animals. The most important thing is that it can be used as a delicious green food that is popular in foreign food and beverage markets. In order to spread its nutritive effects to the country, its nutritive value effect in the aquaculture and catering industries is exerted. The store will sell barley commercial insects at prices not exceeding RMB 30/kg after June 2008. For details, please pay attention.
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Analysis of the source of barley worms

The barley worm, the original domain name "Desert Grasshopper", commonly known as "Super Yellow Mealworm", was an early population of the glacial iceberg. It was first discovered in the surface layer of black land in South Africa, and has a similar population relationship with the modern earthworm, due to land drift. Survival of the fittest, the survival of the fittest, the elimination of the fittest, and the differences in the topography have led to a fundamental difference in the physiological structure between the original “desert of the desert” and the modern humus. From the genetic analysis, two seemingly different species, in gene expression and On the demand of growing conditions, we can clearly find two commonalities. Through proper scientific processing, the “Desert Slug” can recover the genes expressed in the defects in the modern deer, supplement it, achieve the best results, and improve overall. Economic benefits!! Its feeding management and costs can be reduced to less than a dollar per kilogram! And the nutritional value can be greatly increased by 20% over traditional farming. Protein content up to 716% Fat content up to 23.9%. Total reduction in corticosteroids and carapace Its content is as low as 3%. As a high-quality feed, feeding animals, its digestibility basically reaches 95%. It can improve the utilization of nutrients comprehensively. It is the most objective economy at present. Feeding crops! The most important thing is that it can be used as a delicious and edible green food. It has delicious taste and high nutritional value. It can comprehensively improve the nutritional balance of the human body. Its trace mineral elements and essential amino acids can promote normal human endocrine secretion. Circulate and adjust the normal human blood concentration, promote the rapid differentiation of human brain cells, and the acquired environment has an effect on memory. Patients and smoking have special help for people who suffer from denervation of thorn nerves! The production value and nutritional value of leeks in the production and processing of leeks are in the worm body. The whole process of growth and development is regarded as the highest. It has not yet been popularized in China. The important factor is that the traditional low-end single insecticide technology is still common in China. This low-level technology should be extinct, wasting manpower and resources, and wasting resources! Other technologies mainly use the trapped method (safety index method) to confine a single larva to a narrow environment for a long period of time, causing it to develop abnormally, but it also causes serious consequences, making the nutrients of the organs of the pupa and the adult be trapped. Degenerate or disappearance of tissues and organs, so that adult vegetative organs are degraded at later stages of development, and even the normal development of anaphase can not be resupplied. Propagation results in a large withdrawal of yield and reproduction larvae's survival rate and quality. The larvae's growth process is unable to show its resistance (resistance to 45°C, 3°C, 90% humidity). Within this range, larvae grow normally. development.

Study on Feeding Anatomy of Barley Pest

Malpighian tubules are collectively referred to as Malbighi tubules and are the main organs for the regulation of excretion and osmotic adjustment of insects (Invertebrates, Polypodae in arthropods), helping them to maintain the balance between water and electrolyte. Named after the discoverer Italian anatomist Marcello Malpighi.

Malpighian tube is located at the junction of the hindgut in the digestive tract. It is a slender tube consisting of a layer of cells. Its proximal end is open at the junction of the midgut and the hindgut. The blind end is closed in the hemolymph in the blood chamber. . The scale insects only have two Markov's, and the large species of aphids may have as many as 200 Marshals; the mites are the only insects that do not have Martens tubes. When nitrogenous wastes and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and uric acid) are actively transported through the blind end of the slim tube, the raw urine is formed in the slim tube. The original urine is mixed with the digested food in the hindgut. During this period, uric acid precipitates, and sodium and potassium are absorbed by the hindgut along with the permeated water. Uric acid stays there and mixes with feces and is ready for excretion.
Markov's Excretion Mechanism Markov's tube fluids of some aquatic insects and terrestrial insects are almost isotonic with the blood, but their inorganic components are obviously different from the blood. The composition of the martensitic fluid is not by simple physics. The process is formed by the filtration of blood through the wall of the tube, but is carried out by an active transport system. In addition to the active transport of K+ lines, transport of Na+ such as stick insects and blowfly, and Cl- in blood-sucking phlegm fluids are carried out by active transport. However, Malpighian tubules exhibit free permeability to most metabolites with smaller molecular masses, such as amino acids, carbohydrates, urea, and urate.
The active transport of inorganic salts such as K+ is the basis for the generation and flow of Markov's fluid. Uric acid in the blood is secreted into the Markov's lumen as potassium hydrobromide (or sodium hydrogen cyanide) with the flow of the fluid. When potassium urethane and hydrogen urethane pass through the base of the brush-like side, water, inorganic potassium salt and sodium salt are sucked back into the blood under the action of CO2, and the pH of the urine falls from 7.2 at the end. Up to 6.6, uric acid was deposited on the base section of the Malpighian tubule (Fig. 13-3). Excess precipitate entered the hindgut and mixed with the digestive residue in the intestine and became feces excreted.
Uric acid is an important nitrogenous waste in insect urine. Compared with other nitrogenous excreta, uric acid contains the least hydrogen atoms in the molecule, which is conducive to the maintenance of moisture, and is beneficial to the maintenance of water. Uric acid, whether free acid or not, is added. In the form of ammonium salt, it is not easy to dissolve in water, and it does not need water to accompanied with a large amount of water when it is discharged. This is an important part of the adaptability of terrestrial insects, and it is not suitable for the egg period and season when moisture is not available. Said that its water retention is even more important.

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