Key to the success of raising chickens in winter homes

The quality of air quality in winter broiler house is the key to decide the success or failure of raising and the benefit of feeding.
I. Pollution Sources of Chicken House Air Pollution in the house is mainly caused by dust, harmful gases and harmful microorganisms. At present, most of the feed for chickens is dry powder and there are more feed dusts. Chickens excrete feces and respiratory movements can also produce harmful gases. The source of microorganisms in the air are chicken exhalation, feed, litter, feces, and body surface transport, and sometimes foreign air and organisms (insects and rats) can also be brought in.
Second, the control of air pollution in the chicken house (a) using granular materials, under the conditions of ensuring the normal physiological requirements of chicken, grinding rougher than the fine grain material; feeding wet material better than dry material. (b) The air exhaust device is regularly opened to discharge the dirty air. Try not to use less or less padding. (C) The sprayer (vegetable oil) device is used in the winter house, but the selected vegetable oil must be non-toxic and tasteless. Spraying 5-8 times a day can reduce dust in the house by 40%-70%. (4) Timely removal of excrement and cleaning of the ground can reduce ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide in the air of the house. (e) It is necessary to do a good job of prevention and control of surface parasites on chickens to reduce the flying of dandruff and broken hair caused by chicken scratching. Kill insects and rodents in sheds and reduce the chance of introducing harmful microorganisms. (6) There must be sufficient light, and the sun's ultraviolet rays can effectively kill harmful bacteria in the air, reduce the chance of infection of the bacteria, and ensure safe breeding.

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