Planting tung tree three steps

Before and after collecting the seed frost, when the fruit begins to be brown or brown, the seeds are harvested. During this period, the seeds have the highest oil content. The collected tung fruit should be piled in the damp and damp place, covered with straw, and peeled when the peel is softened and matured. Dig out the seeds and treat them in winter. If the seeds are sown in spring, the seeds must be dried and mixed with sand. During storage, they must be inspected regularly and water must be added to prevent moldy deterioration.

Afforestation Techniques Jatropha has large seeds, high germination rate, rapid growth, and more live afforestation, and can also be planted by afforestation; live afforestation, winter sowing in December to January; spring sowing generally in late February to early March; More sowing in the spring; the method is: in the entire good afforestation, according to the spacing of 5050 cm, dig a depth of 30 cm, cave base pad fertilizer, seeding 2 to 3 per hole; cover 5 to 7 cm, cover A layer of hay to prevent top soil consolidation; May and June seedling height 10 cm seedlings, leaving 1 seedling per hole.

Seedlings and afforestation can be carried out in the spring and late autumn and early winter. When the seedlings sprout in early April but the leaves have not yet been planted, the survival rate is the highest. When planting, the top buds are full, the height is 90 to 120 cm, and the diameter is 1.5 to 2 .5 cm seedlings; roots were soaked in a solution of 0.5% polymer water absorbent or 500 ppm ABT3 rooting powder solution, and then planted at a depth of 0.8 meters in a hole at a spacing of 11 meters.

Within one to three years after tending management, afforestation and weeding are applied twice a year, and pruning is practiced to cultivate "table lamp-shaped" high-yield trees; annual one-year-old seedlings of oil tung tree are often subjected to freezing injury; In the cultivation stage, in addition to the application of base fertilizer, weeding and weeding should be done in time from May to September, and no quick-effect fertilizer should be applied. Watering should be stopped in the autumn to prevent new shooters from growing up. For annual seedlings, we can fill the wintering water before and after the “Little Snow”. The roots and necks were soiled 30 to 40 cm, and the main trunk was covered with hay. After the frost in late March of the following year, the binders were released and the mound was opened. For the 2-year-old seedlings, only the roots and necks surrounding the mound were sufficient. For the result tree, White antifreeze can be applied.

Prevention and control of pests mainly include bituminous coal disease, Ulmus ulmoides, and six-spotted leafhoppers. The prevention and control method for the tung oil bituminous disease is: timely prevention of maggots and scale insects, and when such pests are found, 40% Leko emulsion 1000-2000 times solution or 50% dichlorvos EC 500-1000 times can be sprayed to kill bituminous coal; Phosphor can be used as a stone-sulfur compound, with Baume 0.3 degrees in summer and 3 degrees in winter, and sprayed with 1 degree lime sulfur in spring and autumn, both of which have the effect of insecticidal treatment; the chemical prevention and control of Jatropha curcas is in 4 Before the age of 20% speed kill Ding 4000 ~ 6000 times liquid, or 90% trichlorfon 800 ~ 1000 times liquid spray.

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