Chicken tips

1. Adding sugar water method: Within 15 hours after hatching chicks, add 8% sucrose to the drinking water, mix it and dissolve it, drink it, and reduce the mortality of chicks by 50%.

2, plus vinegar feeding method: In the 15 days after hatching chicks, daily use of 1 vinegar plus 10 parts of water soaked chicken feed for feeding, can greatly reduce the incidence of chick plague and chicken cholera, and improve the survival rate of chicks.

3, chicks cut the crown law: chickens within 24 hours after hatching, not yet open before eating, cut off the chicken cockscomb, not only can save feed, but also to avoid various adult chicken crown wounds, egg production after laying the rate can be Increase by 4%.

4, add choline method: add 0.05% choline in the layer of chicken feed, egg production rate can be increased by 3%, the average egg weight increased by 2.8 grams.

5, play the music method: When the chicks hatch out of shell when the sound of chicks out of shell play sound, can make chicks hatch neat and consistent, improve hatching rate. When laying hens and broilers, every day and night, a 12-hour calming serenade is played regularly for 1 hour for 1 hour, for 7 to 8 weeks. This will increase the daily gain of broilers by 3%. Egg rate increased by 10%.

Pork is a very common meat in life, especially in China. Pork consumption is much higher than other meats and is the main source of meat. Pork tastes and tastes very good, it doesn't get tired when you eat it regularly, and it has a variety of practices. It can be delicious with a variety of ingredients.

Although the pork chop is made of pork, it has no fatty feeling at all, and it is particularly chewy. It is processed through many processes, not to fry or cook pork. The pork that is made out has a lot less oil, and the feeling of eating meat is particularly cool. The authentic pork chop uses the pig's hind leg meat. This part of the meat is mainly lean meat, and the fat is rare. It is more suitable for pork. breast

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