Prevention of Common Physiological Disorders of Vegetable Seedlings in Winter and Spring

After freeze-damaged seedlings were frozen, the leaves and stems were dark water-stained and died slowly. When the seedlings were only slightly frost-damaged, the external morphological changes were not significant, but the physiological function had been significantly reduced, affecting the growth and development of the seedlings.
Preventive measures: 1 improve seedlings, artificial temperature control seedlings. 2 Warming and freezing, according to weather changes, take cold and warm measures in a timely manner; at the time of cold wave invasion and low temperature, cover the cover, if necessary, cover straw and other objects, and try to keep it dry to prevent rain and snow from getting wet. 3 Strengthen management, increase lighting appropriately, and improve the cold resistance of seedlings. In addition, proper control of watering and reasonable application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can also improve the cold resistance of seedlings.
It is characterized by its thin stems, thin leaves, light green leaves, soft tissues, undeveloped roots, slow seedlings after planting, low survival rate, late and irregular flower bud differentiation, small number of flower buds, and malformed and weak flowers. , easy to fall off, it is difficult to premature maturity and high yield.
Preventive measures: 1 Prevention, mainly to increase light and control seedbed temperature, when the seedlings grow crowded, and time seedlings, seedlings, to prevent excessive shading, even in the cold days, but also to properly uncover the cover, so that seedlings see light . When the open air temperature is appropriate, remove all the cover and allow the seedlings to see enough light. The seedbed temperature must be strictly controlled according to the needs of growth and development in various stages of seedlings. 2 Remedial measures are mainly to control watering, spray phosphorus and potash, or use plant growth regulators to harvest 1000g of coordinated growth on the 1st.
Also known as rot root roots, because the seedbed humidity, low temperature caused by physical barriers, especially in the cold and cold weather, wind and snow weather, the seedbed can not ventilate, when the growth of seedlings is easy to occur. The brown rust was rotted in the roots, and the growth of the shoots was hindered or even stopped. The leaves were gray-green and gradually yellowed.
Prevention and control measures are mainly to control watering. When the seedbed is dry, watering is performed according to the needs of the water, so as to prevent flooding. In case of rooting, the roots should be promptly ventilated and drained, and fine dry soil or ash of trees and trees can be used to absorb moisture, or the amount of soil evaporation can be increased.
When the growth and development of young seedlings are inhibited, they tend to form stiff seedlings. They are characterized by short and thin seedlings, thin stems, small leaves, and few roots. They are not easy to grow new roots. The flower buds are not normally differentiated, they are easy to fall, and the seedlings are slowed after planting. The main reasons for the rigidity of seedlings are long seedling age or long-term low temperature and drought.
Control measures: 1 Change control seedlings to promote seedlings, give seedlings suitable temperature and moisture, and promote rapid growth. 2 The number of the harvested seedlings on the seedbed was 1000 times, which can effectively improve the condition of the seedlings.

The chicken claw is a dish of Fresh Chicken feet. Chicken Feet have high nutritional value, rich calcium and collagen, and eat more to soften blood vessels. At the same time also has the cosmetology effect, collagen under the action of enzyme, can provide skin cells need hyaluronic acid, keep skin hydrated elasticity, and prevent skin flabby wrinkle.

The nutrition value of chicken claw is very high, contain rich calcium and collagen protein, eat more not only can soften blood vessel, have beauty effect at the same time. Japanese researchers have found that chicken feet contain four protein components that can effectively inhibit high blood pressure. 1. Remove fat and blood pressure: can soften and protect blood vessels, and reduce the blood lipid and cholesterol in the body. 2. Skin care: enhance the skin tone and eliminate wrinkles.

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Eating more can enhance physical strength and improve the symptoms of cold, frostbite, and vascular headache. Chicken feet also contain a special substance that speeds up metabolism, promotes hormone secretion, and improves skin care. Rich in vitamin C, it can control heart disease and coronary atherosclerosis, lowering cholesterol. Contains more antioxidants, which can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. The airway can be unimpeded to treat coughs and colds. The chilli can also kill the parasites inside the stomach.

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