How to Improve the Survival Rate of Winter Lambs

Ewe feed more. Lambs rely mainly on breast milk to grow within 8 weeks after birth, so ewes are supplemented. Supplementary feeding time is mainly in late pregnancy and lactation, about four months or so. Supplementary feeding should choose good quality hay and fine material, daily supplement can feed hay 1.5 kg (as well as wild or wild hay), silage 1.5 kg, fine material 0.45 kg. Within three days of lambing, if the ewes are of good quality, they may not feed the concentrate at the moment and only feed high quality hay to prevent indigestion or mastitis.

Lamb cares. Lambs should eat colostrum 1-3 days after birth. For weak and poorly-born lambs, artificially assisted feeding is required. The method is: Baoding ewes, and pushing the lambs to the ewes' breasts. Within 7 days after giving birth, don't bring the ewes and lambs to windy places outside the house. After 7 days, the ewes can properly go outside to eat grass. Lambs are trained to graze at 15-20 days of age. 50-75 g/day for half-month feeding; 100 g/day for 1-2 months; 200 g/day for 2-3 months; 250 g/day for 3-4 months . The composition of the mixture is preferably beans, bean cakes, corn, and the like. It is better not to use cottonseed cake. Dry grasses such as alfalfa, peanut pods, and willow leaves are all good. The hay should be chopped. Feed the concentrate first, then feed the coarse material, but also feed the green feed properly, and ensure enough drinking water. Lambs are usually weaned at 4 months of age, and weaning methods are used once more.

Prevent disease in time. After a week of birth, lambs are prone to dysentery. Lamb dysentery is an acute intestinal infectious disease with severe diarrhea and neurological symptoms. Mortality is high and comprehensive control measures should be taken. For ewes, we must strengthen feeding and management. Do a good job of summer and autumn harvesting and winter and early spring maintenance work to ensure that the lambs produced are robust, have sufficient milk, and enhance the resistance of the lambs. The sheep house should be kept warm in winter and spring. The temperature in the house should not be too low, and the sheep house should be kept dry. The ewes should cut off the dirty hair around their breasts before breast-feeding, and squeeze a few drops of colostrum to lick the milk. After the lamb is born, it must be promptly picked up to breast milk in order to enhance its immunity. The oxytetracycline should be fed within 12 hours of the birth of the lamb. Each dose of 0.15-0.2 g, once a day, for 3 days, can have a preventive effect. Lambs should be observed in time so that they can be discovered and dealt with promptly. For the sick lamb, in addition to the veterinarian to timely diagnosis and treatment, you can also use the first 20-25 grams of garlic, peeled and washed and smashed, water fed, 2 times a day, even irrigation for 3 days; or use dry poplar 15 grams, fried 15 milliliters of juice (one oral dose), served 1-2 times daily.

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