Rotary tiller removal method

1. Common reasons for rotavator off

(1) Rotary cultivators use jaw clutches. Due to the long time of use, the tooth surface of the teeth is severely worn and the teeth are rounded and the shape of the teeth is rounded and the self-locking ability after meshing is lost. Easy to slip and disengage during operation.

(2) The spring force of the positioning spring of the engagement sleeve is too small or is broken, the meshing teeth are subjected to force or the vibration of the unit is encountered, and the engagement sleeve generates an axial sliding and the gear is disengaged.

(3) The axial ball groove of the engagement sleeve has large axial wear. During the working process of the unit, the steel ball moves axially to disengage the meshing teeth.

(4) The shifting groove and the ball head of the joystick are excessively worn, and the axial free clearance is too large during the shifting process. Even if the upper gear is engaged, the meshing width of the meshing teeth is small, and it is easy to change the load or the unit jumps. Unblock.

2, remove the fault troubleshooting method

(1) When the clutch meshing tooth wears bald, it should be promptly repaired or replaced. The repair can be used carbon welding electrode welding meshing teeth, and then using standard tooth indentation after welding repair, and heat treatment according to the provisions.

(2) Use a standard spring to replace the spring with too little elasticity or breaking to ensure that the engaging sleeve has sufficient positioning stability and reliability.

(3) The grooves of the positioning sleeves of the engagement sleeves should be repaired or replaced with new ones if excessive wear occurs.

(4) When the pull-out groove and the ball head of the joystick are excessively worn, they can be welded and repaired, and then heat-treated after being manually trimmed. Replacement of new parts that cannot be repaired.

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