Factors affecting duck breeding performance

First, the breeding age of duck

Early ageing of ducks not only has adverse effects on their own growth and development, but also has a low fertility rate. General egg-type ducks were sexually mature earlier, and the initial age was appropriate for 5 months of age; meat-type ducks were sexually mature later, and the initial age was 6 months.

Second, the proportion of male and female collocation

The breeding performance of ducks varies greatly depending on the type of breed. The appropriate ratio of ducks to female ducks is 1:20 to 1:25 for egg-type ducks, 1:5 to 1:8 for meat-type ducks, and 1:15 to 1:20 for dual-use ducks.

Third, other factors that affect duck breeding performance

In addition to the proportion of breeding and the types of breeds, they are also affected by the following factors:

1, seasonal factors. In early spring, the climate is cold and ducks are affected by sexual activity. The proportion of male ducks should increase by about 2% (based on the number of female ducks).

2, feeding and management factors. Under good husbandry conditions, the proportion of male ducks can be appropriately reduced.

3, male and female ducks group time factor. Prior to the breeding season, appropriate advance gregary can increase fertility in female ducks.

4, the age of ducks. The 1-year-old breeder has a strong libido and strong breeding ability. Therefore, the proportion of male ducks can be appropriately reduced at this time.

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