American invention for surgical three-dimensional ultrasound system

Release date: 2007-01-31

American invention for surgical three-dimensional ultrasound system
Engineers at Duke University in the United States successfully invented a three-dimensional ultrasound scanner and used it to guide surgical machinery. Related papers have also been published in the Journal of Ultrasound, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The pratt college graduate smith, who participated in the study, pointed out that the instrument can be assembled on some of the more popular surgical machines to perform minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery on the heart or other organs. In this type of surgery, the surgeon only A small incision is required first, and then the scanner provides a clear and realistic image of the surgical organ. The researchers used 3D ultrasound images in real-time during the simulated surgery to accurately locate, and then the relevant spatial information can guide the surgical machine to complete the task correctly. In addition, 3D scanners allow surgeons to spot tumors in tissue biopsies to avoid missed diagnosis. At present, physicians also need to rely on still images such as ct scan to diagnose suspicious tissue. The researchers also claim that with the development of artificial intelligence technology, the scanner can even guide the surgical machine to complete the surgery without a doctor. Smith added that although the instrument has not been used in patients, they are already eager to conduct clinical trials. Compared with one- and two-dimensional ultrasound, three-dimensional ultrasound has the following advantages: improved visibility, and information obtained from three-dimensional features of pathology. This multi-dimensional three-dimensional scan can reduce the risk of missed diagnosis of small lesions. Volumetric measurement Three-dimensional ultrasound can accurately measure the lesion volume, and its ability exceeds any two-dimensional ultrasound image; the a-s-magnification technique is used to evaluate the internal echo height and accurate linear measurement in any direction; the lesion surface and edge can be observed from three dimensions. Three-dimensional ultrasound is mainly used for intraocular lesions. Meditech Medical Network

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