The principle of mixed use of pollution-free pesticides

1. Not affecting the stability of the active ingredient The biological characteristics or chemical structure and properties of the active ingredient of the pesticide are the basis of its biological activity. When used in combination, biological or chemical changes in the active ingredient should not occur.
2. Without destroying the physical properties of pharmaceuticals, when the pharmaceuticals are used in combination, it is necessary to prevent the reduction of the efficacy due to changes in physical properties and even cause phytotoxicity. If emulsion breakage occurs after mixing, the suspension rate of the wettable powder decreases, or even the crystallization of the active ingredient occurs, and stratification, flocculation, and sedimentation occur in the liquid, and they cannot be mixed.
3. The drug efficacy is reasonable and the synergistic effect of the mixed agent is equal to the sum of the pharmacological effects of the same pest on the same pest and the pharmacological effects of the individual drugs that make up the mixture are approximately the same. The additive is said to be additive; the former is significantly less effective than the latter. The antagonistic effect was said; the former was significantly more effective than the latter. Synergism is an important goal for the mixture of pesticides. Only scientific compounding can achieve synergies. It can be seen that the rational use of pesticides with synergistic effects can increase drug efficacy, reduce costs, prevent and control the emergence of drug-resistant pests or drug resistance, and restore the practical value of certain old pesticides. It plays an important role in opening up new markets for new pesticides.
4. Reducing toxicity and residual activity Vegetables in the pollution-free production place great emphasis on the toxicity and residues of pesticides. Only targeted and limited use of poisoned pesticides is allowed. in practice. If it is necessary to use moderately toxic pesticides, it is highly desirable to mix it with low- or low-residue pesticides. Because the mixed use reduces the amount or concentration of toxic or highly active ingredients, the hazard of poisoning during application can be reduced, and the amount of pesticide residues in vegetable products can be reduced.
The problem of mixing pesticides is very complicated. The above principles complement each other and must be considered comprehensively when applied.

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