Cocktail culture techniques

First, grasp the seedlings slot time

The newly hatched seedlings are nutritious for their own yolk, weak in physique, and relatively large in yolk. They cannot swim freely and can only be turned upside down with the help of the flow of water. Therefore, they need to be raised. After the seedlings quickly absorb their own yolks, they begin to have a certain swimming ability, and then put the seedlings in the holding pool for a period of time. The hatching time is generally 7 days to 8 days after filming, and the body length is 10 mm to 14 mm.

Second, seedlings raised

1. Seedling holding facilities: The seedling holding facilities mainly include flowing cement tanks and cages. The cement pool can be round or square, and the general capacity can be 3 to 5 cubic meters. The water body should not be too large. The inlet and outlet must be screened with 40 mesh to 50 mesh sieve to prevent run seedlings. The cage size is 2 meters, 1 meter and 0.5 meters.

2. Method of raising seedlings

(1) Holding water in the cement pool: Put the seedlings with yolk sac into the flowing cement pool, and place 25,000 to 30,000 tails per cubic meter. Start 3 days to 4 days, as long as you keep running water, there will be sufficient dissolved oxygen. You can. After 4 days to 5 days, when the seedlings develop gradually and they can swim freely, zooplankton and artificial micro-bait can be fed, and live baits such as red worms and chironomid larvae are the best. Feed a few times and let the seedlings eat well and feed until the body color changes from reddish to dark grey. In the process of holding, we must maintain micro-flowing water, adequate dissolved oxygen, fresh water, and regular disinfection with potassium permanganate of 8 g/m3.

(2) Cage holding: Use a 40 mesh to 50 mesh nylon gauze to make a cage of 2 meters, 0.8 meters and 0.5 meters. Put the cage into the disinfected pond 3 days to 4 days before raising the seedlings. Soak in order to soften the cage and reduce friction with the fish. Temporary water requires more than 50 cm of transparency and a large number of zooplankton in the pool. The number of raised seedlings is 5000 to 10,000 per square meter cage. The cage outlet should be 4 cm to 5 cm below the surface of the water so that the seedlings can freely swim from the cage to the pool. After the seedlings enter the box for 4 days to 5 days, they are generally free to swim out of the cage. If there are any fish that cannot swim into the pool, the fry should be released. Seedling management should pay attention to the fresh water, can not be turbid, the dissolved oxygen in water is above 5mg/l, wash the box frequently, and check whether the box is damaged to prevent seedlings from fleeing.

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